Everyday Bicycling

Elly Blue's Everyday Bicycling introduces the basics of using a bike in your daily life, with the hope "that getting around by bicycle becomes so normal that everyone can just get on a bike every day without thinking twice about it."

Everyday Bicycling is a complete guide to using a bicycle to get around.

An accessible, fast read, the author introduces you to how to bike to work, haul groceries and children, and ride in all sorts of weather conditions. It's filled with basic, practical tips and tricks and stories from others who bike daily which will inspire you to ride.

The book includes a chapter all about family cycling and transporting kids by bike, with stories by parents with different needs and bike set-ups. Blue writes with such enthusiasm and passion for biking, it's infectious.

The book is a wealth of information and will help kick anyone's car habit, or help seasoned cyclists advocate and build community around bikes and biking.

Everyday Bicycling book cover