Cozy up to at mystery

Cozy up to a mystery this winter.

If you're in the winter doldrums, or if you've got the post-election, just spent too much money, too stuffed with pumpkin pie to move-blues, why not put up your feet and try a cozy British mystery? I've just started two series (a decade too late, as is my m.o.), Agatha Raisin and Her Royal Spyness mysteries. 
book cover with sassy blonde middle-aged womanMrs. Raisin, having been raised in the slums and worked her way up to become a marketing executive, has just taken early retirement to relax and rejuvenate in the country. Just when country life seems too slow (and this is the plot of each of her novels I've read so far), the village ladies seem too catty and her love life needs a respirator, there's a new murder mystery to solve. Agatha also finds (then usually loses) a new love interest, solves the murder, and manages to piss off half the town, while endearing herself to the other half. 
book jacket featuring dapper young lady from the 1930s and Big Ben
In the  Her Royal Spyness series,  Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie finds herself penniless, without employment and only 34th in line to the throne. She must either marry an unsavory noble and find a job befitting a minor royal. After an unsuccessful stint as a department store clerk, in which her actress-mother gets her sacked, she settles into a life of sleuthing. This new career path is brought about by some good detective work on Lady Georgiana's part. A bitter Frenchman, who is after her family estate, is found drowned in the bathtub of their London home. Both  Georgiana and her brother, the duke are suspected. She solves this crime and is conscripted by the queen into solving new mysteries.
Both series feature smart and sassy heroines, a fun cast of characters, and have kept up my spirits through the winter blues.
Are you into cat mysteries, sassy ladies, or something else? Let me know in the comments below.


the heading has a typo, it

the heading has a typo, it should be a mystery, not at mystery

Cozy up to at mystery

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