Books for Wider Horizons - The Anniversary Celebration Continues

Books for Wider Horizons has graduated a new class of volunteer storyreaders, developed a new logo, and is planning a party!

Books for Wider Horizons has had a busy couple of months.    

Congratulations Class of 2014!

OurBWH graduating class 21st class of Books for Wider Horizons volunteers graduated in November. These hardy souls spent 21 1/2 hours in training and observing, only to commit to spending 2-3 hours per week preparing and presenting storytimes at Oakland Head Starts, OUSD Childhood Development Centers, and other preschool sites for the rest of the school year. Gluttons for punishment, some of this year's volunteers actually came to both graduation days, so they could get more ideas on what books to choose, songs to sing, and ways to present!

Volunteering for BWH does take commitment and time and enough energy to interact with a class full of preschool students for a half hour a week. But the rewards are hugs and rock star status. 

The next volunteer training is not until fall of 2015, but if the idea of reading stories to preschool children appeals to you, please send an email to the Books for Wider Horizons coordinator, Rochelle Venuto ( She will keep your name on file and be in touch with you as the time for the new training class approaches.


Check out our new logo!

We asked a different set of volunteers to design a new logo to take us into the next 20 years. Designed by one of those wonderful people (who would like to remain anonymous), the logo we chose conveys our mission of adding joy to the lives of young children through books, songs, chants, and fun. 



It's time to party!

And finally, we are planning a birthday party for Sunday, January 25. If you have been involved with Books for Wider Horizons as a volunteer, teacher, student, donor, or staff member, and would like more information, please send Rochelle Venuto ( an email. She will send you the party details. One thing I can tell you right now, there will be cake!

The staff here at Oakland Public Library are proud to be associated with the people, past and present, who have contributed to the success of this program. Thank you. 


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