Has this happened to you?

No one wants to talk about accidentally damaging a library book, but it happens to everyone, even librarians.

Yesterday one of our children's librarians told me this story:

"Today a young child came to me with her mother carrying a book. Eyes downcast she explained that her three-year-old sister learned how to use scissors and handed me this":

Cut Book

"I laughed and told her the story of my library book when my three-year-old sister discovered crayons. I asked her if she kept her temper,  she admitted she lost her temper "a little, but she deserved it!"  The girl promised to keep her library books in her backpack next time. Luckily I had a back-up copy in storage anyway. The child is relieved, the mother is happy, and they checked out several more chapter books."

Baby Eating Book

We know this happens.  Your three-year-old is learning to use scissors!  Or your two-year-old is learning to use a crayon!   Or your one-year-old sees you turning pages, tries it themself, and...riiiip!  What is the same in all these scenarios?  Your child is building important school-readiness skills, and enjoying their library book.  That is the most important part.  

Of course we need your help to keep books in good shape and in circulation, so that you and your neighbors can borrow them, but books can be fixed and replaced.  And accidents happen. The worst thing that could come of an accident like this is if you or your child stop using the library because of it. 

Is there a children’s book on your account that you’re just not looking forward to talking about with us?  Please come in and ask to chat with the children’s librarian.  We want you to check out more children’s books, and we will help you do it. It’s our job.  


Creative Commons baby photo "A Voraceous Eater" by Tom Carmony is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0




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