Dust Off Your Instrument and Play!

Resources from the music collection at the Oakland Public Library to get back into playing your instrument, or learn a new one.

Dust Off Your Instrument and Play!

Resources from the music collection at the Oakland Public Library to help you get back into playing your instrument, or learn a new one.


Did you used to play a musical instrument?  Have you said to yourself, “Oh, if I had only kept it up” but haven’t gone so far as to actually dust off your instrument, because (a) you know you’re rusty and think you’ll sound horrible or (b) you think you don’t have the time to practice enough to enjoy playing?

Playing a musical instrument proficiently does take regular practice, but the rewards are multiple. Taking lessons is the best way to learn or relearn an instrument. However, if you would like get back into the swing of playing again on your own and want instructional materials to help you brush up on your skills, look no further than the Oakland Public Library’s music collection. With more than 13,000 circulating music scores—from standard and new repertoire to instructional methods, for beginners to advanced players—the Oakland Public Library is your best, and FREE, resource.

So what are you waiting for: pick up your instrument; check out some music; and play, play, play!

Click the link below for a selected list of the instructional methods available at the Oakland Public Library. We have a large selection of self-instructional materials as well as methods that can be used in music lessons. Can’t make it to the Main Library? Place a hold, and have it delivered to your neighborhood OPL branch.

Bassoon   Cello   Clarinet    Flute   Guitar    Oboe   Piano (General)   Piano (Jazz)  

Saxophone   Trombone   Trumpet   Viola  Violin

Instructional DVDs

Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Longs These instructional lead sheets and CDs have revolutionized the way jazz musicians learn and practice, allowing you the opportunity to improvise with well-known jazz personalities. 

Do you need help selecting music for your instrument at your level? Contact me, your music librarian, Catherine Jennings, in Adult Reference Services at the Main Library.  I can help you make selections that are right for you.


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