New DVDs for October 2014 @ Oakland Public Library

New DVDs for October 2014 at Oakland Public Library

Get Ready To Place Your Holds!  Besides our Blockbusters and new Indie films, such as Edge Of Tomorrow, Snow Piercer, Palo Alto, You Are Here, From The Rough, and Words & Pictures, here are some other films available at Oakland Public Library you may want to place Holds on:

Whore's Glory

From IMDB:  A multi-award winning documentary examining the lives, needs, troubles, and hopes of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico.  "In worlds where the most intimate act has become a commodity, these women have physically and emotionally experienced everything that can happen between a man and a woman. For this they have always received money, but it has not made their lives rich in anything but stories."  

Director: Michael Glawogger
Writer: Michael Glawogger (screenplay)
Stars: Emma, Ning, Toh

Who Is Dayani Cristal?

From IMDB:  An anonymous body in the Arizona desert sparks the beginning of a real-life human drama. The search for identity leads us back across a continent to seek out the people left behind and the meaning of a mysterious tattoo.

Director: Marc Silver
Writer: Mark Monroe
Stars: Gael García Bernal


From IMDB:  Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation.

Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Writers: Pawel Pawlikowski, Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Stars: Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska, Dawid Ogrodnik

Sun Ra:  Space Is The Place

From IMDB:  Sun Ra--space-age prophet, Pharaonic jester, shaman-philosopher and avant-jazz keyboardist/bandleader--land his spaceship in Oakland, having been presumed lost in space for a few years. With Black Power on the rise, Ra disembarks and proclaims himself "the alter-destiny." He holds a myth-vs-reality rap session with black inner-city youth at a rec center.  He duels at cards with The Overseer, a satanic overlord, with the fate of the black race at stake. Ra wins the right to a world concert, which features great performance footage of the Arkestra. Agents sent by the Overseer attempt to assassinate Ra, but he vanishes, rescues his people, and departs in his spaceship from the exploding planet Earth.

Director: John Coney
Writers: Sun Ra, Joshua Smith
Stars: Barbara Deloney, Sun Ra, Raymond Johnson


From IMDB:  In the harsh, wintry woods of rural Quebec, Bruce (Thomas Haden Church), a down-on-his-luck snowplow operator, accidentally kills a man during a drunken night joyride. Stricken with panic, he hides the body and takes to the deep wilderness in hopes of outrunning both the authorities and his own conscience. But as both begin to close in, Bruce falls apart mentally and morally and mysteries unravel to reveal who he was before the accident, the truth behind his victim, and the circumstances that brought them together in a single moment.

Director: Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais
Writers: Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, Marc Tulin
Stars: Thomas Haden Church, Anie Pascale, Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais


From IMDB:  

From IMDB:  A multi-award winning documentary about a group of pilgrims who travel to Nepal to worship at the legendary Manakamana temple. The premise is deceptively simple. In Nepal, Spray and her collaborator Pacho Velez make trips in a cable car with pilgrims to the shrine of the title deity. The film consists of single takes from a fixed camera facing the other passengers, each shot running the entire 10-minute trip to the temple. Then they do the same with a different party going back again. Each trip, back or forth, ends in the din and darkness of the station. It’s like riding BART and spying on people, wondering about their lives. Every gesture and glance takes on significance and mystery. Here you’re doing the same when, bang, the darkness comes, and it starts again.  “Is this a metaphor for death and rebirth?” “Samsara,” the director agrees. “It’s an attempt to touch the real. Not that there is any absolute.”

Directors: Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez

Cabin Fever:  Patient Zero

From IMDB:  When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all.

Director: Kaare Andrews
Writer: Jake Wade Wall (screenplay)
Stars: Sean Astin, Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho


From IMDB:  A romantic comedy centered on a Woody Allen-obsessed pharmacist (Taglioni) and her would-be lover (Bruel).

Director: Sophie Lellouche
Writer: Sophie Lellouche (scenario and dialogue)
Stars: Alice Taglioni, Patrick Bruel, Marine Delterme

Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors From Hell

From IMDB:  Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids.

Director: Tyler Perry
Writer: Tyler Perry
Stars: Jayna Brown, Cassi Davis, Rhonda Davis



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