It's been 25 years since the last "big one."

Where were you 25 years ago at 5:04? At work? At school? Candlestick Park?

Today, October 17, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. 

Loma Prieta wasn't the first big earthquake to rock the East Bay and it won't be the last. Whether you want to prepare yourself for earthquakes to come or to learn more about Loma Prieta, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, or the October, 1868 earthquake -- the last "big one" on the Hayward Fault, the Main Library can answer your questions. 

With the media reminding us that we're overdue for another big earthquake, what can you learn at the library to help you prepare yourself, your family, and your home? We have lots to read on the science of earthquakes if you're looking for general information. Want to know how to retrofit your house? We've got that, too. Don't want a book? There are DVDs in our collection on earthquakes and on emergency readiness, like this one, How Do I? Disaster Preparedness or this one, The Great San Francisco Earthquake.

What about earthquake preparedness for your home and your neighborhood? The City of Oakland offers free training through the CORE (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) program. Sign up for CORE training and join their email list to get weekly tips delivered to your mailbox. 

Are you interested in the earthquakes that are already behind us? Main Library has Oakland and San Francisco newspapers from the 1860s to the present on microfilm on our Magazine & Newspaper Room. You can read about the October 1868 Hayward Fault earthquake, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, and Loma Prieta. The Oakland History Room is packed with clippings, books, governmental and academic studies, maps, remembrances, and much more documenting Loma Prieta and the years of rebuilding that followed it.  It also has a wealth of information about historic California earthquakes. How do you find them? Here are a few subjects to look up: Faults (Geology) -- California, or Loma Prieta Earthquake, Calif., 1989, or more generally Earthquakes -- California

Our government documents collections, local -- California and Federal -- are also packed with useful, sometimes fascinating, reading about earthquakes in California and about disaster preparation. Much of this material can be read online and can be accessed directly through the library's catalog.

Need help? Reference librarians are ready to help you learn all about earthquakes and to help you get ready for the "big one" to come. 


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