Super Bowl Sunday's Coming Up!

Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday. Get ready with some selected reads and films about this major sporting event!

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up! It's this Sunday, February 2. The library has a number of titles to get you ready for the big day. Read about the social customs surrounding Sunday with this book, "Sunday : a history of the first day from Babylonia to the Super Bowl". Or if you're concerned about the future of football in America, you might enjoy "More than a game : the glorious present and uncertain future of the NFL" by Brian Billick. If you're a Raiders fan, you can relive the past glory of the Raiders appearances in the Super Bowl with this DVD, "Raiders: Super Bowl victories". All titles are available at the Main Library.

And here's the official site for the 48th Super Bowl. (It's also a great day to go out for a bike ride because there aren't that many cars on the streets!)


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