Urban Lit, Now Available on DVD at Oakland Public Library


Do you like to read Urban Lit, but right now you feel like watching a movie? Look no further! These new Urban DVDs range from mild to wild, just like Ubran Lit does!  Here are some samples of the Urban DVDs now available at Oakland Public Library:

Lies We Tell, Secrets We Keep

From IMDB:  A gripping urban film about two women with different lifestyles who fall in love yet become caught up in a dangerous love triangle where lies, deceit and infidelity emerges to destroy the foundation of their relationship. Based on the novel written by Milon V. Parker.

Dangerous Obsession

From DVD Packaging:  The story of 26 year old Brandi Seaton. She is attractive, smart and single. After breaking off her engagement the day before her wedding, she decides to test the waters of the urban singles dating scene. How and where to begin? Brandi's roommate, Anita introduces her to a telephone partyline; where she meets a young, handsome, professional named Alex. After one meeting both Brandi and Alex's lives change as their friendly conversations grow into obsessions and culminate in a deadly encounter.

Could This Be Love?

IMDB:  Sandra, a small town country girl, returns home after college to take over the family business, her father's beloved bed and breakfast. Facing an unfaithful husband and dysfunctional relationship with her mother, she finds herself at a difficult crossroads. Everything changes, however, when Terrance (Steven Sutton), a young, handsome lawyer checks in and opens her eyes to an entirely different life filled with happiness.

Between Sisters

IMDB:  Aneesa's baby sister Serena is getting married, and she wants to give her the best wedding present possible. Yet, when she discovers they have two other sisters, Serena decides she wants to find them and have them participate. Can Aneesa and Serena find the two women? If they do, can they get them to care enough to come together, forgive their mother, and be excited about a sister whom they had no idea even existed?

Dangerous Men

From DVD Packaging:  Emmanuel (George Davidson), is an assassin who goes against the order of his contractor X (GuGu E. Michaels) and refuses to carry out a hit placed on Senator Kingston (M.J. Mathias). Emmanuel is in danger, and is forced to take a homeless man and turn him into the perfect killer. The deadly duo forms an alliance with Kingston and go after X, the very man that hired Emmanuel for the Kingston hit. This leads to the ultimate showdown between the new generation assassin Samuel and the head of the organization of Assassins X. Get ready for non-stop action, masterful fight sequences.

How To Love

From DVD Packaging:  DeMarcus Bailey is an up and coming Gospel Playwright. Residing in Tyler, Texas, Bailey has made a name for himself. He's written, produced and directed this highly-energetic and humorous urban stage play.

Love Will Keep Us Together

From IMDB: It'll be a slippery slope until their big day. Best friends since their inner-city childhood, Tao (Reagan Gomez-Preston) and Bren (Cynthia McWilliams) are preparing to live out their dreams of an extravagant double wedding in Hawaii. As the ladies' big day approaches, their jitters, envy, and outrageous expectations are met with emotional highs and lows. With faith and a little bit of luck, the brides-to-be just might make it to the chapel on time.

Surprise Surprise

From DVD Packaging: Crosby plays a socially awkward college student who uses an online dating website to find a girl he likes, but uses his best friend's picture to get a date. High stakes, high rewards, and hilarity are all on the line, as Crosby must do everything he can to maintain his desperate ploy to everyone, otherwise his future lies in the balance.


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