Have You Borrowed a Tool Lately?

Check out our very own Tool Lending Library in the press.

ToolsOur amazing Tool Lending Library has gotten a little bit of well-deserved attention lately.  The Washington Post published a great article about libraries across the country lending things other than books, and included Oakland Public Library. 

From the article:

“We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can provide a lot of opportunities to people to try out new things,” Choate said.

That’s exactly what happened at the Oakland library following a 1991 firestorm that ravaged the Oakland Hills section of the San Francisco Bay area, destroying 3,000 homes and killing 25 people.

The library’s Temescal branch established a small Home Resources Collection to help residents with their rebuilding and repair projects following this disaster.

A tool-lending library was considered as an extension of those efforts and was launched in 2000 thanks to seed money from a community development block grant.

Of the 5,000 tools available to patrons, the most popular items by far are the weed whackers, said Sharon McKellar, community relations librarian, who added that hedge trimmers and lawn mowers also are in seasonal high demand.

In addition to the Washington Post story, a journalism student recently produced a wonderful piece about the Tool Lending Library too.  Check it out!

Have you used the Tool Lending Library?  What is the most interesting tool you've borrowed, and why?  Do you have a great story about how the Tool Lending Library helped you?  Tell us!

Read more about the Tool Lending Library on our website.

See the list of tools available here.  


The Oakland Tool Lending

The Oakland Tool Lending Library is simply amazing. By eliminating the financial burden of buying expensive tools, it has allowed me to expand my horizons and learn about things that I would have otherwise been unable to afford.

I've never considered myself a builder, but since discovering the Tool Lending Library, I've built several things including a planter box, a large book shelf and even a new desk! Not only are the tools in great condition, but the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. I sometimes find myself checking out a tool just to try something new and bounce ideas off of the staff.

A great, great community resource!

Thanks, Dominic. This is

Thanks, Dominic. This is such an amazing testimonial...I really appreciate you taking the time to share so much about how you've used the TLL.

I used to work at the Tool

I used to work at the Tool Lending Library with Ty and boy what an experience that was. I had no knowledge of tools when I went in and learned a lot when I left. The best part was having the confidence to know what tools to recommend to people.

I loved working at OPL - I had some great experiences and some weird ones but the TLL was definitely a good one! That was back in the days of Dynix before Millenium took over.

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