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The City of Oakland is conducting a survey to evaluate the quality of our service. Take a minute and fill it out!

The city is conducting a 2-week survey to look at language access to city services.  Please take a couple of minutes and let us know how the library is doing.  

You can print the survey here - fill it out, and bring it to the library.

Or you can take it here, online:

In English

In Spanish - Español

In Chinese - 中文

You have until February 28th.  Thank you so much!  We really appreciate it.  


I am user of the Oakland

I am user of the Oakland Public Libraries, but I have no need of language services. I think OPL does incredible work with and in the community at large. The libraries are hospitable, accessible, and have programs appropriate for all manner of people.

I am a Second Start tutor. It's a wonderful program and I am so fortunate to be able to help an adult learner reach the goal of reading. It makes a real difference in lives.

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