War Ink - Recruiting Tattooed Veterans for Groundbreaking Exhibit

OPL is helping to recruit Iraq and Aghanistan veterans with memorial tattoos of their combat experiences. Can you participate?

War ink LogoOakland Public Library has joined other local libraries to recruit participants for a ground breaking exhibition of War Ink: OIF/ OEF Veteran Memorial Tattoo Artwork.

We’re looking for 18 veterans from San Francisco County down to San Benito County to participate in this effort. If you are a veteran who has a memorial tattoo of your combat experience, please contact Jason Deitch (jasonadeitch@gmail.com | 510-593-8423) directly with your name, contact information, city of residence, branch of service, and, of course, a photo of your tattoo(s). 

This will be for War Ink, an online exhibit of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran memorial tattoo art along with audio interview content of the story and meaning behind the tattoo artwork.   War Ink represents a unique opportunity to explore the unfiltered record of war that veterans have documented on their bodies; their story, told in their way. 

Each veteran's experience will be recorded and tattoos will be photographed by Shaun Roberts, whose work has appeared in GQ, Juxtapoz, and Wired.com.


I am a combat veteran of OEF

I am a combat veteran of OEF 2010-2011 having served with 11th ACR and the 2nd Cavalry Stryker Regiment out of Vilseck Germany. I am a professional tattoo artist living in San Luis Obispo Ca. and want to show you some pictures of a tattoo I did for our two fallen Brothers. It is a full sleeve tattoo, and you can see it on my website at www.kapanesetattoo.com
Thanks - Hooah.

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