Resistance, Resilience, & Anticipation! A fresh look at the Black Arts Movement in Oakland - Artist Talks and Film Screenings

Have we always been fish? by David Bradford

Resistance, Resiliance, & Anticipation! A fresh look at the Black Arts Movement in Oakland takes out time to reveiw the local socio and polictical influences that helped fashion Black Art in the 60s & 70s. By asking "what path was left unexplored," today, we set a stage for tomorrow's Black Art in Oakland.

March 1st
5:30pm Screening - Simple Justice, by Avon Kirkland* Director Helaine Head 
7:30pm Screening - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song by Melvin Van Peebles 

March 2nd
3:30pm Screening - Seven Principles of Kwanzaa by Carol Munday Lawrence*
4:30pm Artist Talk, Visual Arts, Mildred Howard, David Bradford & Larry Clark 
6:30pm Screening - Tongues Untied by Marlon Riggs 6:30 pm
8:30pm Screening - Passing Through by Larry Clark 8:30 pm 

March 9th
3:30pm Artist Talk, Folk Arts,  Leon Kennedy & Marvin White 
4:30pm Screening - Blindspotting by Daveed Diggs
6:30pm Screening - Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dash
8:30pm Screening - The Mack by Michael Campus 

March 16th
3:30pm Artist Talk,  Dance, Deborah Vaughan & Yvonne Daniel 
4:30pm Screening - To Sleep with Anger by Charles Burnett 
6:30pm Screening - Fruitvale Station by Ryan Coogler
8:30pm Screening - Sorry to Bother You by Boots Riley 

March 23rd
3:30pm Artist Talk Writers,  Daphne Muse, Judy Juanita & Marvin White Moderator, Eric Arnold 
5:30pm Screening - Spirit of Rebellion by Zeinabu Davis* 
8:30pm Screening - Black Panther by Ryan Coogler 


*filmmaker in attendance


Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 3:30pm - 10:30pm


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