Oakland Bloom: Cooking with Community + Culture

Chef Pa Wah Cooking Demonstration at the Asian Branch Library.  Cooking with Community + Culture at Asian Branch Library is made possible by a grant from The Friends of the Oakland Public Library.

Pa Wah was born and raised in ethnic Karen State, a tropical region in Southern Myanmar bordering Thailand.  Karen State is infamous as ground zero for the world's longest-running civil war, but few people know about its serene countryside filled with amber rice paddies and emerald bamboo forests.  In 2011, Pa Wah immigrated to the United States and is now a mother of five in East Oakland.  She continues the village tradition of sharing food with her neighbors and cooking for others.  WIth her culinary experience in both traditional Karen and Thai cuisine, Pa Wah brings a unique combination of flavors to her cooking that doesn't currently exist in current Burmese restaurants.  If most of what you've had of Burmese food is tea leaf salad, her dishes will introudce you to a whole new world of Southest Asian flavors.

Oakland Bloom is a local non-profit organzation, made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, community leaders and social activists whom are passionate about advancing economic equity for underserved communities.


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