Print Workshops with Grace Rosario Perkins

Image advertising Print Workshops with Grace Rosario Perkins at Oakland Public Library

Investigate landscape, identity, and time with guest artist Grace Rosario Perkins. Grace will lead a series of workshops for youth to create largescale prints, wearable textiles, planters & paintings, culminating in a show at Kala Art Gallery. Artists will work together looking at an array of contemporary artists who work with public art, activism, and more, as well as material from Golden Gate's Commons Archive, and our own personal family stories. 

All workshops are drop-in, and all youth are welcome to engage in artmaking. Grace will provide materials and guide conversation. 

Wednesday, June 19th, 2pm-5pm

Investigating our neighborhood through pictures

Youth will look through archive photos of the Golden Gate neighborhood and talk about icons, symbols, buildings, and people who, to them, serve as the foundation of this place and why. With conversation, painting, drawing, and more students will see how this conversation can generate installation-based material. 

Today we will take images from our workshops last week and create a collaboratively printed textile piece, along with a t-shirt each for a youth led fashion "show" at the Kala Art Gallery on June 29th. 


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