Access to Justice Day: For folks with arrest and conviction records

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Root & Rebound is hosting its 5th Access to Justice Day, a FREE legal clinic for people with arrest and conviction records. 

Get help with your questions on:

  • Parole and Probation conditions;
  • Child Visitation and Custody, and Child Support rights;
  • Record-cleaning;
  • Fines & Fees and other Court-ordered debt;
  • Employment rights and "Ban the Box";
  • Occupational license issues;
  • Housing rights;
  • Getting a Driver's License or other form  of ID;
  • Immigration rights with a record;
  • Voting rights.
  • Any other issue related to having a record.

You can live in any county to attend.

Please RSVP: Walk-ins accomodated when possible

Root & Rebound's mission is to transfer power and information from the policy and legal communities to the people most impacted by our criminal justice system through public education, direct legal services, and policy advocacy, so that the law serves, rather than harms, low income communities and communities of color in the United States.Root and Rebound offers these free legal clinics in Oakland and across the Bay Area to support people with arrest and conviction records as they navigate legal questions and barriers related to their reentry or criminal record.


This event has already occurred. Visit our events calendar for future events.


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