Exploring Emotional Labor

Christine Hutchison photo

Emotional labor has been a topic in sociology for a while, but has recently burst into the popular consciousness through feminist discourse and a plethora of articles. Emotional labor refers to the unpaid stress that caregivers and those who act in such roles endure through providing emotional support in workplaces and home environments. It’s often disproportionately expected of women, even amongst strangers, to strive to manage emotional responses to make others comfortable, and attend to others’ needs. It’s not necessarily a gendered issue, and in any personal relationship, it’s questionable whether a truly equitable split of ‘labor’ is even possible.

Join us for an evening with Ms. Hutchison, exploring this nuanced issue, in light of the library’s exhibit, “Working in America”, and a discussion to follow. 

Christine Hutchison has written extensively on the issue of emotional labor. She has worked as a psychotherapist in various settings throughout the Bay Area, and formerly served as Executive Editor for Psyched in San Francisco Magazine and a therapist. Christine is currently studying for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute. 



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