I’m Good: A Blog Campaign for Mental Health Kickoff Event

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I’ve struggled. I’m growing. I’m good. 

I’m Good is a blog campaign that inspires people to take care of their emotional and mental health, as well as their wellness. It’s also a celebration of those who are working to, or have, overcome obstacles to wellness through support from family, friends, peers, loved ones and the community. Join us at our kickoff event, which will feature: spoken word, music, art, uplifting stories from the speakers group Lift Every Voice and Speak, and more. Light refreshments will be served. Learn more about the I’m Good campaign at www.im-good.com or www.peersnet.org


This event has already occurred. Visit our events calendar for future events.


Main Library

West Auditorum
125 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 238-3134