Krip-Hop Nation Bay Area Mini-tour /Honoring Blind Joe, The Joe Capers Legacy

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Join us in an exciting program which includes performances and a panel of speakers led by Leroy Moore Jr., featuring UK Krip-Hop artist Lady MJ Warrior and Binki Woi from Germany. They will discuss the genesis and evolution of Krip-Hop and their activities and activism for disabled artists. Musicians and poets will share their stories about dealing with the entertainment industry underground and living in the community as an artist in a multi-media presentation.  Moore will also discuss the upcoming documentary about Oakland’s own late Joe Capers.

In addition, the Bay Area premier of Forever-Land, a film by Jim Lujan, will be presented, which features the Punk-Hop group, Kounterclockwise  and Spoken Word artists Joy Elen and Lateef McLeod.

This event is about more than music. It will be an arena for advocacy, education, building cultural activism through artistic expression and coming together.



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Main Library

Bradley Walters Community Room
125 14th St.
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 238-3134