Bike for Tibet: Climate Change at the Roof of the World

Nâm Arya biking

Tibet serves as the headwaters of all of Asia and is currently experiencing double the rate of warming than the rest of the globe. Dislocation of nomads, mining, disregard for sacred sites, and other resource grabs in Tibet are having monumental impacts on the social and material ecology of Nâm Arya's  homeland. 

Nâm Arya is a first generation Tibetan-American currently on a bike-packing and speaking tour of the U.S. Her goal is to spread the word about the impacts of Climate Change in Tibet to seek Climate Justice for Tibetans. 

Join us for a one hour conversation on how we can combat climate change and create something that looks like justice.

More information about Nâm's journey:


Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 11:00am


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