Current Exhibits

When: Saturday, October 1, 2016 - Saturday, December 31, 2016
image of girl on adults shoulders

Come view still life photographs of Oakland families loving each other. A wonderful representation of our community. All original artwork by photographer Sonjhai Meggette. For more information about the photographer and her art read her personal statement below. 

My name is Sonjhai Meggette and I reside in greater Bay Area-Oakland, CA. I am the visionary and photographer of and photography is a portal for me to change how we perceive beauty. Images are vitally important to our personal development and it may help us to accept who we are authentically. Due to the lack of positive representation of African American descendants, I am committed to raising public awareness of how authentically beautiful we are by reinforcing positive images with photography. "Black Love" explores family, community, and fashion in black and white.


When: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - Saturday, December 24, 2016
Photo of handmade books

Veronica Sutter is a book artist in Oakland California. She studied book art at Mills College under Kathleen Walkup and Julie Chen. Since graduating in 2014, she has kept up her practice in her home studio, Booka Press. Her various forms of the book, their structure and visual content are contemplated and designed to communicate with the to the world around her.  

 ‘A story between the pages’ is a reflection on her home in Oakland, and relationships to people around her. This show consists of multiple broadsides, and artist books, that come together to show one small part of a life in Oakland.You can contact the artist at

Where: Main Library
When: Thursday, November 10, 2016 - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In partnership with the East Bay Chapter of the United Nations Association, the School of Digital Media at Oakland School for the Arts presents a series of posters illustrating each article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This series is the result of the Human Rights Poster Project, an annual curriculum unit in the School of Digital Media that encourages deep inquiry, visual thinking, and helps students acquire technical proficiency with Adobe Design Suite. They explore graphic design by examining the UDHR and creating visual communication in the form of posters that illustrate each article with clear, inspired imagery. Students have the opportunity to make their learning visible, sharing their work as global citizens.

General goals:

Understand how graphic design is used to make sense of complex writing, issues, and history, to learn something new, and communicate across language barriers.

Understand the implications that visual communication skills hold for exchange of information and ideas on a global scale. Understand the role of artists in global conversations, and the political power of art.

Understand the content and context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, engaging in discussions with classmates to determine the key ideas of each article. Relate this understanding to people, events, and ideas in current events and in history.

Practice reading the world, to see the influence of power structures and identify the ways in which artists have power and influence.  

Acquire proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and the production pipeline at use in professional graphic design studios.

Communicate understanding of each UDHR article using visual language. Utilize the elements and principles of design.


The newest release of UDHR Poster Project posters will be on display at the Oakland Public Library

When: Thursday, December 1, 2016 - Saturday, December 31, 2016
image of a woman in a cow costume

“People, Places and Things” is an eclectic collection of photographs ranging from iconic black and whites captured on film to boldly colorful geometrics created by an electronic technique called photomerge. The “People” photos are from as close as Telegraph Avenue and as far as Petra, Jordan. "Places" include the untamed California Coast, Glacier Park in Montana, Jordan, Tibet, and Viet Nam. Although many “Things” on display will be recognizable, the show will include abstracts, hyper-realism and collage. The December show is about “being there” for the present moment, pausing to notice, elevating the ordinary, and playing with perfection.

Join Us: On December 10, 2016 group members Lea del Pomo and Martha Snider will present an interactive collage workshop for adults and children. Supplies will be provided, although participants are welcome to bring any items or photographs that they might want to include in a mixed media collage.

The original Rockridge Community Photography Group formed in 2002. It has reconfigured over time and continually added new members. The current group came together around decades-long friendships and equally long-standing preoccupations with shadow and light.


Photographer and videographer John Pearson has published seven books of photographs including his most recent To Laugh At Ourselves. Included in the show is John’s famous image that became the cover photo of Born to Win, a book that has sold 4 million copies.

Lea Del Pomo graduated from Pratt Institute in graphic design and works as an employment counselor. The human condition, relationships and making the invisible visible informs her work.

Martha Snider began making collages from less-than-stellar photographs in the early 2000’s. A prominent theme in her work is connection between the figures in a piece and is her way of illustrating the interrelatedness of creatures and objects that populate the world.

Michael Baar began photographing to preserve his memories. It started for him in his 20s, when he got a job in Alaska and acquired a now ancient 35mm SLR camera to take into the wilderness. Like other members of the group he has switched from film to digital. He continues to be drawn to nature and landscapes. 

Robert Hofmann has lived and photographed in the Bay Area most of his life. His early exposure to photography eventually led to his putting himself through Cal by working in a camera shop on College Avenue. Robert particularly enjoys making photographs during his travels. In recent years he has begun to explore the ‘digital darkroom’ using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Charles Lucke’s experimental approach is intended to liberate form and change it from a visual reality to an unreality. It is a way to “free the process from a precise reproduction of tone, color and form to allow the right brain to reign.