The Griots of Oakland: Voices from the African American Oral History Project

Image of exhibit

What is it like being a young African American man?  The media repeats the same stereotyoes again and again, yet the reality is much more diverse.  

An Alameda County Health Care Services Agency project, African American Griots, is an eye-opening and beautifully presented book, that shares the voices and images of a group of young black men in Oakland, interviewed by their peers in a groundbreaking oral history project.  The youth share their wisdom on a range of questions, organized by theme and accomanied by portrait photography and materials for further reflection.  

AAMLO is proud to host the African American Griots Exhibition, which includes photos, quotes and video clips from the interviews.  An interactive kiosk also allows viewers to answer some of the questions that were asked of the young men.

In partnership with Story For All, Oakland Unified School District’s Office of African American Male Achievement, and the African American Museum and Library at Oakland. Funding provided by Center for Healthy Schools and Communities and the Cal Humanities.



Saturday, November 16, 2013 - Saturday, March 1, 2014