Oakland School for the Arts School of Digital Media Exhibit

In partnership with the East Bay Chapter of the United Nations Association, the School of Digital Media at Oakland School for the Arts presents a series of posters illustrating each article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This series is the result of the Human Rights Poster Project, an annual curriculum unit in the School of Digital Media that encourages deep inquiry, visual thinking, and helps students acquire technical proficiency with Adobe Design Suite. They explore graphic design by examining the UDHR and creating visual communication in the form of posters that illustrate each article with clear, inspired imagery. Students have the opportunity to make their learning visible, sharing their work as global citizens.

General goals:

Understand how graphic design is used to make sense of complex writing, issues, and history, to learn something new, and communicate across language barriers.

Understand the implications that visual communication skills hold for exchange of information and ideas on a global scale. Understand the role of artists in global conversations, and the political power of art.

Understand the content and context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, engaging in discussions with classmates to determine the key ideas of each article. Relate this understanding to people, events, and ideas in current events and in history.

Practice reading the world, to see the influence of power structures and identify the ways in which artists have power and influence.  

Acquire proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and the production pipeline at use in professional graphic design studios.

Communicate understanding of each UDHR article using visual language. Utilize the elements and principles of design.


The newest release of UDHR Poster Project posters will be on display at the Oakland Public Library

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - Wednesday, February 22, 2017