Asian-American Fiction for Grades 3-7

Book Cover Title
Children of the River
Linda Crews
Sundara flees her homeland with her aunt and uncle to settle in Oregon and finds it difficult to maintain Cambodian social customs in high school. (Cambodian American)
Image of The trouble begins book cover The trouble begins
Linda Himelblau
After a ten-year separation, fifth-grader Du is reunited with his parents in a strange new country where his classmates call him “Doo-doo” and everything he does seems to get him into trouble. (Vietnamese American)
Image of Kira-kira book cover Kira-kira
Cynthia Kadohata
Growing up poor and different in the South is hard enough, but it’s even harder when your sister gets cancer. (Japanese American)
Image of F is for fabuloso book cover F is for fabuloso
Marie G. Lee
Devastated when she receives an F on her math test, Jin-Ha makes matters worse by lying about it to her mother. (Korean American)
Image of The year of the dog book cover The year of the dog
Grace Lin
In the Year of the Dog, Pacy discovers her hidden talents and a new friend whose family is also from Taiwan. (Taiwanese American)
Image of Ruby Lu, brave and true book cover Ruby Lu, brave and true
Lenore Look
Almost-eight-year-old Ruby Lu goes to Chinese school, performs magic tricks and learns to drive! (Chinese American)
Image of The gold-threaded dress book cover The gold-threaded dress
Carolyn Marsden
Oy can only join the club if she lets popular Liliandra wear her precious, traditional silk dress. (Thai American)
Image of A step from heaven book cover A step from heaven
An Na
Young Ju and her family immigrate to California, where she thrives despite her abusive father. (Korean American)
Yang the youngest and his terrible ear
Lensey Namioka
Yingtao must perform in a recital with his talented siblings even though he plays the violin terribly and would much rather be playing baseball. (Chinese American)
Image of Project Mulberry book cover Project Mulberry
Linda Sue Park
Julia Song thinks doing a silkworm project for an after-school club project is “too Korean,” but her good friend Patrick really likes the idea. (Korean American)
The Sunita experiment
Mitali Perkins
When her grandparents visit from India, Sunita can no longer invite boys over and feels caught between two cultures. (Indian American)
Image of Under the blood-red sun book cover Under the blood-red sun
Graham Salisbury
Thirteen-year-old Tomi Nakaja’s life in Hawaii changes dramatically when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Fortunately Tomi’s baseball buddies remain his loyal friends. (Japanese American)
Image of Ninjas, piranhas, and Galileo book cover Ninjas, piranhas, and Galileo
Greg Leitich Smith
Shohei’s adoptive parents have decided to help him “discover” his Japanese ethnicity, but he’s got more on his hands with his seventh-grade friends and the science fair. (Japanese American)
Image of Finding my hat book cover Finding my hat
John Son
Like the hat he lost as a toddler to a strong gust of wind, Jin-Han has been blown around quite a bit over the years, moving from one town to another with his struggling family. (Korean American)
Image of Aruna's journeys book cover Aruna's journeys
Jyotsna Sreenivasan
Aruna wants to go to camp with her friend but her parents drag her to India for the whole summer. (Indian American)
Image of Journey to Topaz book cover Journey to Topaz
Yoshiko Uchida
Yuki and her family are forced to leave their home in Berkeley to live in a “relocation” camp in desolate Topaz, Utah during World War II. (Japanese American)
Image of American born Chinese book cover American born Chinese
Gene Luen Yang
Jin Wang’s life as one of two Chinese kids at school is woven together with the Monkey King’s adventures in this graphic novel. (Chinese American)
Image of Millicent Min, girl genius book cover Millicent Min, girl genius
Lisa Yee
Eleven-year-old child prodigy Millicent Min records her struggles to learn to play volleyball, tutor her enemy Stanford Wong, deal with her grandmother’s departure, and make friends over the course of one summer. (Chinese American)
Tales from Gold Mountain: stories of the Chinese in the New World
Paul Yee
Eight stories of Chinese immigrants from the 1800s and early 1900s tell of romance, death, hard work and family struggles. (Chinese American)
Image of Dragonwings book cover Dragonwings
Laurence Yep
In the early 20th century, a young Chinese boy joins his father in San Francisco and helps him realize his dream of making a flying machine. (Chinese American)
Later, Gator
Laurence Yep
When he buys his younger brother an alligator for his birthday, Teddy finds that his imagination has gotten him into trouble once more. (Chinese American)