LGBT books: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Others

Picture Books
Book Cover Title
Image of A name on the quilt: a story of remembrance book cover A name on the quilt: a story of remembrance
Jeannine Atkins
Lauren’s beloved Uncle Ron has died, and together with family and friends, she helps stitch a panel in his memory for the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
Image of Ballerino Nate book cover Ballerino Nate
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Although his older brother insists that “boys don’t dance,” Nate is determined to learn ballet.
Image of Asha's mums book cover Asha's mums
Rosamund Elwin & Michele Paulse
Asha worries that she won’t be able to go the Science Centre with her class when her teacher tells her that the permission form cannot list two mums.
Image of The sissy duckling book cover The sissy duckling
Harvey Fierstein
Elmer likes to bake, paint and put on puppet shows rather than build forts and play ball; he finally shows the other ducks it’s okay to be different.
Image of Molly's family book cover Molly's family
Nancy Garden
Molly’s kindergarten class discusses many kinds of families after Molly draws a picture of her mommy and her mama.
Image of Antonio's card book cover Antonio's card
Rigoberto González
Antonio loves his mom’s partner, Leslie, even though the kids at school make fun of her.
Image of King & King book cover King & King
Linda de Haan & Stern Nijland
The prince does not like any princesses picked by his mother, but he is happy to marry the brother of one of the royal candidates.
Image of Best best colors book cover Best best colors
Eric Hoffman
Preschooler Nate has trouble choosing a favorite color, but his two mamas and his friends help him realize that he can choose more than one color.
Image of Heather has two mommies book cover Heather has two mommies
Lesléa Newman
As Heather learns, the most important thing about a family is that everyone loves each other. (Other titles by Newman cover topics such as adopted children, a family member with AIDS and the separation of two mothers.)
Image of The White Swan express book cover The White Swan express
Jean Davies Okimoto
Four families, including a lesbian couple, travel to China to adopt baby girls.
Image of And Tango makes three book cover And Tango makes three
Justin Richardson
Based on a true story from New York City’s Central Park Zoo, two male penguins start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg.
Andrea ỦRen
Pugdog fears that her bone-gnawing, squirrel-chasing days have ended after Mike learns that she is female.
Image of My two uncles book cover My two uncles
Judith Vigna
Unlike her grandpa, Elly always has fun with her Uncle Ned and his partner Uncle Phil.
Image of Daddy's wedding book cover Daddy's wedding
Michael Willhoite
Nick get to be the best man at daddy and Frank’s wedding.
Image of William's doll book cover William's doll
Charlotte Zolotow
William’s father gives him a basketball and a train, but he still wants a doll.
Book Cover Title
Image of ABC: a family alphabet book book cover ABC: a family alphabet book
Bobbie Combs
Kids describe everyday activities that they enjoy with their two dads or two moms.
Book Cover Title
Image of The skull of truth book cover The skull of truth
Bruce Coville
Unable to tell a lie with the Skull of Truth nearby, Charlie’s Uncle Bennie reveals that his roommate Dave is also his boyfriend.
Image of Holly's secret book cover Holly's secret
Nancy Garden
When eleven-year-old Holly moves to a small town, she tries to hide the fact that her parents are lesbian.
Image of The misfits book cover The misfits
James Howe
Four middle-school friends form the No-Name Party, campaigning to stop put-downs such as “fairy and lard bar.”
Image of Alice on the outside book cover Alice on the outside
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Alice, now in eighth grade, has lots of questions about sex, relationships, prejudice, and change.
Living in secret
Cristina Salat
After a judge gives custody to her father, Amelia runs away, assuming a fake identity so that she can live with her mother and her partner in San Francisco.
Image of The house you pass on the way book cover The house you pass on the way
Jacqueline Woodson
Loner Staggerlee, whose father is black and mother is white, spends a summer with her cousin Trout and finally shares her secret attraction to girls.
Image of From the notebooks of Melanin Sun book cover From the notebooks of Melanin Sun
Jacqueline Woodson
Everything about 14-year-old Melanin Sun’s life with his mother is fine, until he learns that she has fallen in love with a white woman.
Book Cover Title
Image of Zack's story: growing up with same-sex parents book cover Zack's story: growing up with same-sex parents
Keith Elliot Greenberg
Zack describes being raised by lesbian mothers and how his family is just like anyone else’s. ( 32 pages)
Image of It's so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families book cover It's so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families
Robie H. Harris
Straightforward answers tell curious readers how babies are made, including different ways of loving and having families. (81 pages)
Image of It's perfectly normal: changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health book cover It's perfectly normal: changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health
Robie H. Harris
This book is for readers who are ready to know about different kinds of bodies, love, families, and sex. (89 pages)
Image of Families: a celebration of diversity, commitment, and love book cover Families: a celebration of diversity, commitment, and love
Aylette Jenness
Various families, including a gay family and a lesbian family describe their lives. (47 pages)
Image of The Harvey Milk story book cover The Harvey Milk story
Kari Krakow
Harvey Milk made history as the first elected, openly gay San Francisco city official. (Unpaged)
Image of Families book cover Families
Susan Kuklin
In these photographic essays, children, aged four to fourteen, from fifteen very different families, describe their home lives in their own words. (36 pages)