Welcome Parents!

Help your child have a safe, enjoyable visit to the library...

Make sure that your child has a safe way home, before the library closes. Staff cannot wait with your child after closing.

Make sure that your child has your phone number, and the number of another adult who can provide a ride home in an emergency. The library does not keep personal emergency information for your child.

Children 7 or younger must be fully supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver and may not be left alone. If a young child is not being fully supervised, library staff will attempt to contact you to pick up your child. Older siblings can find it challenging to supervise their younger siblings for long periods of time.

Even the most well-behaved child can become restless, hungry, or tired. If your child is having trouble following our posted guidelines for behavior, they may be asked to leave the library. 

Our libraries are open to everyone and may not be a safe location for a child left alone. Library employees do not supervise children, and you, the parent or legal guardian, are responsible for your child’s safety and behavior at the library.

Help your child use library materials

Thank you for helping your child take care of the books and other things they borrow from the library, and returning them on time so others can use them.  You are responsible for lost or damaged materials, but we are happy to discuss any charges with you.

In order to protect everyone’s privacy and access:

Only your child may use their card. 

If your child is not present, the library cannot tell you what your child has checked out, except when a fee is owed.  We can show you and your child together how you can review your own records online.

Your child can use any materials from any section of the library. The library cannot limit the types of books or movies your child checks out, even if you ask us to.

Your child can use computers at the library. The library does not filter, and everyone’s computer use is private. The library does not supervise children on the computer.

We encourage you to have family conversations about books, websites, and other media.  The library cannot enforce family rules, but we can help you with questions and advice.  You may enjoy browsing the library's recommended Great Reads.

Please let us know how we can help you. If you have any questions about our policies or services regarding children, please speak with the children’s librarian at your location, or contact the Supervising Librarian for Children’s Services, Nina Lindsay, at 510-238-6706 or nlindsay@oaklandlibrary.org