Whether preparing for college, returning to school as a nontraditional student, planning a curriculum for your classroom, or helping your child succeed in school, there are many educational resources available to students, educators, and parents. 

For Students

Federal Student Aid

This site has information to help you plan and pay for college.  Click on the Preparing for College link to use the Financial Aid Estimator Tool, a Planner Timeline, and College Savings Calculator.  Assessment tests to help you identify your interests and determine a program and/or area of study are also available in this section.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Use this site to fill out a free application for Federal Student Aid.  You can find a list of the documents you will need as you fill out your form at the FAFSA website.

California Student Aid Commission

This site lists and explains financial aid programs administered by the California Student Aid Commission., and the “Fund Your Future Workbook”, available in English and Spanish, which explains how to apply for California grants and scholarships.  Resources for avoiding fraud and student identity theft are also available.

College Preparation Checklist from the Federal Student Aid Information Center

Use this checklist to learn what you (or your child) needs to do to prepare for college.  This checklist is geared toward students who have never attended college or trade school and parents of elementary and secondary school children.  The checklist is a “to do” list starting from elementary school through high school to prepare students financially and educationally for education after high school.  There is also a checklist for adult students who have never been to college or who started college but never finished.

For Educators and Parents

While the first two sites listed below are designed for teachers and parents, please note that many government sites offer a special section for teachers, often with lesson plans to help in the classroom.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)

Great for teachers and homeschooling parents, this Department of Education site provides free teaching and learning resources from federal agencies.  Teaching resources are arranged by the topics Arts & Music, Health & Phys Ed, Language Arts, Math, Science, World Studies, U.S. History Topics, and U.S. Time Periods.  Classroom activity guides, lesson plans, video clips and animated shorts are included among the many resources available on this site.

“Helping Your Child Series” from the U.S. Department of Education

This site includes electronic booklets, available in English and Spanish, for helping your child to learn and succeed in school.  Topics include “Helping Your Child Learn Science,” “Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics,” “Helping Your Child with Homework, “Helping Your Child Learn History”, “Helping Your Child Succeed in School”, “Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence,” and “Helping Your Child Become a Reader.”

This site also has resources for special needs children, including children with disabilities, gifted children, and children needing assistance learning English.

California School Directory

The California School Directory contains information about all public, private, nonpublic nonsectarian schools, school districts, and county offices of education in California.  You can search the site by county, type of school or school name.  Once you select a school, you can then review DataQuest Reports which give you information about academic performance, standardized testing and reporting, staffing, expulsion, suspension and truancy data, course enrollments, and dropout data.

Oakland Public Schools STAR Test Reports

This site gives the results of the SAT-9 (Stanford Achievement Test, Version 9) taken by students in grades 2-11 as part of the state’s Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program.  You can search for test results by test type, county, district, school, group, and subgroup.