The Oakland Public Library MOVe

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The Oakland Public Library MOVe is a pop-up mobile library that will improve library access for youth in underserved neighborhoods of Oakland. 

This innovative all-electric vehicle will:

  • Provide access to books, technology, and innovative programming.
  • Encourage social gathering by creating a unique and inviting social space.
  • Foster enjoyment of reading and library use.
  • Increase awareness of the Oakland Public Library and become part of Oakland’s urban fabric.
  • Embody and promote Oakland’s creative spirit.

Image of MOVe with art panels

The Oakland Public Library MOVe will visit schools and organizations and be a visible presence at many of Oakland’s fairs and outdoor events.

Services available on the MOVe include wifi access, laptops, tablets, video games, movies, music, books, and a variety of programs and crafts.

Questions?  Check out our FAQ!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the MOVe, contact Derrick DeMay at or 510-238-3479.


The Oakland Public Library would like to thank our partners in this project: