Teen Reading List 2011

Book Cover Title
Image of Zombies vs. unicorns book cover Zombies vs. unicorns
ed. by Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier
This humorous collec­tion of stories by today’s top authors (like Cabot, Westerfeld, Nix, Clare) tries to convince you which is better: zombies or unicorns.
Image of Stolen book cover Stolen
Lucy Christopher
Gemma is drugged and kidnapped. She finds herself in a shack in the middle of the country with a man on a mission to make her fall in love with him.
Image of Rules of attraction book cover Rules of attraction
Simone Elkeles
In this sequel to Per­fect Chemistry Carlos, a fugitive from Mexican drug lords, falls in love with the daughter of the teacher he has to live with to stay out of jail.
Image of Fallout book cover Fallout
Ellen Hopkins
The end of a trilogy of poem novels (that includes Crank and Glass) delving even fur­ther into the trials of Kristina and her drug-damaged family.
Image of The good girl's guide to getting kidnapped book cover The good girl's guide to getting kidnapped
Yxta Maya Murray
Kiki and Mish are best friends but Mish doesn’t know Kiki’s family runs one of the biggest gangs in L.A. Until they both get kidnapped.
Image of Before I fall book cover Before I fall
Lauren Oliver
On the night of her death Samantha is the most popular girl in school. Afterwards, she relives her last day over and over having fun and learning lessons along the way.
Image of Fang: a Maximum Ride novel book cover Fang: a Maximum Ride novel
James Patterson
The latest in this series about winged mutants who fight for good takes them to Africa and Hol­lywood. Max loves Fang but when she meets Dylan things get com­plicated.
Image of Punkzilla book cover Punkzilla
Adam Rapp
Punkzilla is 14 and just escaped from military school to find his way cross country to visit his dying brother. This dark tale is full of adventure and humor.
Image of Playing for keeps book cover Playing for keeps
Veronica Chambers
Miami teens Alicia, Car­men, Jamie and Gaz throw the best quincea­ñeras for friends and for strangers too! But now, as they head to Texas for another quince, they begin to lose focus. Will all the drama mean the end of their business?
Urban Fiction
Book Cover Title
Image of Raising Kane book cover Raising Kane
Darrien Lee
Kane is tired of taking care of her younger sib­lings while her dad is at work. She decides she is going to run away. Will she make the right choices?
Image of So, so hood book cover So, so hood
L. Divine
Jade just began her senior year but the drama is already in full swing! She is fighting with her best friend, dealing with her boy­friend cheating and a new crush.
Image of The finale book cover The finale
Treasure Hernandez
The final installment of the Flint series fol­lows Halleigh and Malek through their many struggles. Will the young lovers finally be together or will fate keep them apart?
Image of Tougher than Dice book cover Tougher than Dice
Anthony Whyte
In the fifth book of this series Coco suffers an injury that leaves her helpless. She relies on her friend Deedee to help her as their relationship grows to another level.
Image of Midnight and the meaning of love book cover Midnight and the meaning of love
Sister Souljah
Midnight loves to pro­tect his family. When his wife is kidnapped by her father he begins a long and complicated journey to Japan to get her back.
Image of The streets keep calling book cover The streets keep calling
Breeze just finished a five-year prison sen­tence and now wants to live a normal life with his family. But when stress gets hard to handle he feels pres­sured to go back to the streets.
Image of To catch a dream book cover To catch a dream
Anne Schraff
Abel takes a job to earn extra money and get away from his verbally abusive parents. But problems arise when money goes missing out of the cash register.
Image of Upgrade U book cover Upgrade U
Ni-Ni Simone
Seven McKnight has a wonderful life. She goes out with the hottest baller at Stiles Univer­sity. But groupies begin hating, her man’s ego is blowing up and she’s falling for another guy.
Book Cover Title
Image of The monstrumologist: William James Henry book cover The monstrumologist: William James Henry
edited by Rick Yancey
12-year-old, William and his mentor Dr. War­throp, a scientist who studies monsters, face their toughest case as they find and destroy headless man-eating beasts.
Image of Hex Hall book cover Hex Hall
Rachel Hawkins
17-year-old Sophie Mer­cer is a witch. After her spell goes terribly wrong she is sent to Hex Hall where she soon learns her only friend is sus­pected in the disappear­ance of several students.
Image of Lockdown book cover Lockdown
Alexander Gordon Smith
When 14-year-old Alex is put in an underground prison where gangs bully everyone and bizarre guard dogs tear inmates apart, he and his cell­mate plan an escape.
Image of Cryer's Cross book cover Cryer's Cross
Lisa McMann
17-year-old Kendall lives on a farm in Montana. After two teenagers go missing within months of each other she starts hearing voices and find­ing messages in a desk at school.
Graphic Novels
Book Cover Title
Image of Rot & Ruin book cover Rot & Ruin
Jonathan Maberry
In a post-apocalyp­tic world, 15-year-old Benny is reluctantly following in his older brother’s footsteps and becoming an apprentice bounty hunter.
Image of Black butler. Vol. 1 book cover Black butler. Vol. 1
Yana Toboso
Set in Victorian-era London, orphaned 12-year-old Ciel Phan­tomhive is head of a noble family’s candy and toy empire. But it’s his devoted butler, Sebastian, who seems to have a mysterious, dark power to make things happen.
Image of I am here!. Vol. 1 book cover I am here!. Vol. 1
Ema Toyama
You’d think eighth-grader Hikage was a ghost since nobody ever notices her. She even gets hit by a motor­cycle because the driver doesn’t see her! Her only friends are online until class heart­throb, Hinata, talks to her. Then everything changes!
Image of Sasameke. Vol.1 book cover Sasameke. Vol.1
Ryuji x Gotsubo
Former soccer superstar Rakuichi returns from Italy after a major fail­ure. Back in his home­town he’s pressured to play again, even though he’s sworn off soccer, but a chance to impress his childhood best friend changes his mind.
Image of Animal crackers book cover Animal crackers
Gene Luen Yang
Author of American Born Chinese brings us two new stories. A bully is forced to befriend one of his main targets. Could it have something to do with the tiny alien craft lodged in his left nostril? And how exactly will Loyola save humans from an alien invasion?
Image of Ghostopolis book cover Ghostopolis
Doug TenNapel
Garth Hale, a chroni­cally ill teen, is acci­dentally transported into the afterlife city of Ghostopolis. Sur­rounded by mummies, zombies and other ter­rifying creatures, his only friends are a skel­eton horse and his long departed grandfather.
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Cover Title
Image of Across the universe book cover Across the universe
Beth Revis
After being put to sleep for 300 years on a space­ship travelling to a new planet, Amy wakes up 50 years early because someone is trying to murder her.
Image of Finnikin of the rock book cover Finnikin of the rock
Melina Marchetta
Finnikin was a child when the Lumatere fam­ily was murdered and a curse fell on his city. Now he is joining forces with another young novice who claims her dreams will lead them to an heir who can end the curse.
Image of Ship breaker book cover Ship breaker
Paolo Bacigalupi
Nailer strips tanker ships to live. He discov­ers the ultimate scav­enge when a clipper ship grounds itself in a hur­ricane. Will he strip the ship for the ultimate pay out or save the beautiful owner who might lead him to a better life?
Image of Black hole sun book cover Black hole sun
David Macinnis Gill
Durango is a mercenary for hire. He and his crew are hired by a group of miners to get rid of the flesh-eating Draeu on Mars. Durango, the miners and the Draeu all have secrets. Who will survive?
Image of Alien invasion and other inconveniences book cover Alien invasion and other inconveniences
Brian Yansky
One day in history class aliens take over the world and all of Jesse’s family and friends are gone. Jesse becomes a slave to an inept alien leader but then he gains telepathic powers and the attention of two beautiful girls.
Image of The Unidentified book cover The Unidentified
Rae Mariz
Katey goes to school in the Game – a mall turned into a school by corporate sponsors. She plays games all day yet she’s being watched 24/7. Kid feels that something’s amiss and gets involved with the Unidentified.
Image of XVI book cover XVI
Julia Karr
Instead of being excited to turn 16, Nina dreads the fact that she will have to get a tattoo of XVI on her wrist to declare that she is ready for sex. Then her mother is brutally attacked and on her deathbed she tells Nina a secret.
Image of Mystify book cover Mystify
Artist Arthur
As Sasha’s supernatural powers grow her par­ents insist she befriend Alyssa. But Alyssa hates Sasha’s friend Krystal. Sasha must make hard choices that will affect her friends, love life, and destiny.
Image of Sapphique book cover Sapphique
Catherine Fisher
In the sequel to Incar­ceron, Finn has escaped captivity, leaving his brother behind, only to find a different kind of prison Outside. Free­dom is not what it seems and neither is insanity in these dark, lush and complex worlds.
Image of Sapphique book cover Sapphique
Catherine Fisher
In the sequel to Incar­ceron, Finn has escaped captivity, leaving his brother behind, only to find a different kind of prison Outside. Free­dom is not what it seems and neither is insanity in these dark, lush and complex worlds.
Book Cover Title
Green career$ : you can make money and save the planet
Jennifer Power Scott
Hundreds of cool jobs you can feel good about. Presented with tips, facts and a glimpse at 30 young eco-leaders who prove it’s really pos­sible!
Image of It gets better: coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living book cover It gets better: coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living
Dan Savage and Terry Miller
Hope, community and survival. These essays from celebrities and regular folks capture the powerful messages of the ‘It Gets Better’ video campaign, created in response to LGBTQ youth suicides.
Image of Sex: a book for teens: an uncensored guide to your body, sex, and safety book cover Sex: a book for teens: an uncensored guide to your body, sex, and safety
Nikol Hasler
From taboo topics to basic anatomy, this funny, frank and factual book about sex and sex­uality covers it all. With pictures!
Pistols & prayers: a collection of poems / prayers / journal entries / rhymes and anecdotes
Ise Lyfe
Oakland’s own hip-hop poet laureate gives us a rich collection of flows, rants and wisdom on love, justice and life as a young Black man working toward a better world.
Image of Claudette Colvin: twice toward justice book cover Claudette Colvin: twice toward justice
Phillip Hoose
Before Rosa Parks there was Claudette Colvin. With pictures and facts this book brings the story of a lesser known civil rights heroine to life.
Image of Floodlines: community and resistance from Katrina to the Jena six book cover Floodlines: community and resistance from Katrina to the Jena six
Jordan Flaherty
Racism or rioting? Recovery or removal? What really happened when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf? This book gives you the real story from people who lived it: youth, rappers, pris­oners, parents and local activists.
Comic-ography: True Life Graphic Novels
Book Cover Title
Yummy : the last days of a Southside Shorty
G. Neri
Part fact, part historical fiction, this book memo­rializes 11-year-old “Yummy” Sandifer – killer and kid, victim and scapegoat – while raising important questions about violence, the media and responsibility.
Image of Mi barrio: from SmarterComics book cover Mi barrio: from SmarterComics
Robert Renteria
Skillfully drawn and artfully told, Renteria shares his real, hard and hopeful journey from East LA poverty to successful entrepreneur.
Image of How I made it to eighteen: a mostly true story book cover How I made it to eighteen: a mostly true story
Tracy White
Honest and funny, the author recounts how she “lost it” at age 17, found herself in a mental ward, “stopped lying,” decided she was done hating her life and tackled bulimia.