Reggie Jackson played for our hometown Athletics from 1967–1975 and then again in 1987. His phenomenal success led him to be dubbed "Mr. October" and what's even better, in my opinion, he got a candy bar named for him. How Amazin' is that?

picture of book cover - Becoming Mr. OctoberWhen I started this post a few weeks ago, the A's were riding high on a wave of victory, sadly, the season is over for us now, but there's always next year.  Here's a look a one of the best players our team has ever seen:

Reggie Jackson played for our hometown Athletics from 1967–1975 and then again in 1987.  His phenomenal success led him to be dubbed "Mr. October" and what's even better (in my opinion) he got a candy bar named for him.  How Amazin' is that?  
In his book Becoming Mr. October, Jackson, along with co-writer Kevin Baker, describes his journey from sought-after high school football star to national baseball fame. Of course, his journey was not without tribulation, what would he write about? Jackson writes that even 19 years after Jackie Robinson went pro, he was still the odd man out on his college team.  After several successful seasons with the Oakland Athletics, he was lured by George Steinbrenner to the Yankees in 1977.  Having a major contract only served to make his teammates jealous and his manager question his worth.  "I didn't know what alone meant," Jackson remarked about his treatment.  He later returned to California, playing with the Angels and then the A's again.  He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and is now an adviser to the Yankees.
I remember Jackson of the '87 A's, the team of my childhood seemed unstoppable and he had the very best afro.  Hey! ESPN has announced that "the Bay Area has been the best sports region in the country this year."  That's thanks to the tremendous fans in the east bay.  Did you get a chance to see Jax in action in the 70's or 80's?  What are some of your favorite baseball memories?  Tell us in the comments.
Posted on: October 18, 2013, by Jenera Burton, Piedmont Ave branch


I guess I am older and got to

I guess I am older and got to see him in the 70's, so I guess that means my childhood was better than most. I remember getting to watch the playoff and World Series games in class and running home from Wil Durant School to catch the rest. We thought we had no chance in 1972 when he got hurt sliding into home to clinch a key playoff victory. I can also remember 1977 with the Yankees. I was never a Yankee fan, but I got chills on the third homerun of the World Series all in one game. I don't think Michael Jordan or any other athelete has come close to accomplishing anything on that scale at that level.

I'm so jealous! You got to

I'm so jealous! You got to see all the good games and in school no less!?! I was never a Yankee fan either or much of a big sports fan, but it's great to see a real talented player in action.

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