Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Mo Yan

Congratulations to Mo Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature.

Mo Yan of China has won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature. He is internationally known as a prolific and revered portraitist of Chinese rural life. The Swedish Academy says of his work: “Through a mixture of fantasy and reality, historical and social perspectives, Mo Yan has created a world reminiscent in its complexity of those in the writings of William Faulkner and Gabriel García Márquez, at the same time finding a departure point in old Chinese literature and in oral tradition.”

Currently the Oakland libraries own most of his books that have been translated into English, in addition to works in the original Chinese. Early birds have already started placing holds on his books.

Read more at the Nobel Prize website, the New York Times, or listen to this Granta interview from earlier this year.

Books at Oakland Public Library by Mo Yan in English:

Big Breasts and Wide Hips
Jintong, his mother, and his eight sisters struggle to survive through the major crises of twentieth century China, which include civil war, invasion by the Japanese, the cultural revolution, and communist rule in the new China. (2004)

The Garlic Ballads
The author of the critically acclaimed Red Sorghum presents an epic story--banned in his native China--about a group of peasants who challenges the Communist authorities when they are forced to destroy their own crops. (1995)

Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out
Stripped of his possessions and executed as a result of Mao's Land Reform Movement in 1948, benevolent landowner Ximen Nao finds himself endlessly tortured in Hell before he is systematically reborn on Earth as each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. (2008)

Red Sorghum
A story of Northeast Gaomi Township narrated omnisciently by a young man at the end of the cultural revolution. (1993)

The Republic of Wine
Plagued by persistent reports of cannibalism in a province known as the Republic of Wine, the Chinese government sends a special investigator to substantiate the disturbing rumors. (2000)

Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh
A collection of short stories, ranging from the tragic to the comic, reflect the author's disdain for bureaucracy and repression. (2001)

Mo Yan also has a novel scheduled for English release in January 2013, titled Pow!