You CAN Take It With You!

Use E-magazines and E-books from the Oakland Public Library to lighten your load on your Summer travels.

Summer is just about here and for many of us that means planning a vacation trip. Once the tickets are in hand and the swimsuit is packed, it’s time to decide what reading materials to bring along. Do you really want to carry that hardcover? Does your carry-on even have room for a couple magazines?

Thankfully, the Oakland Public Library has several options that mean you can take your reading materials with you without carrying anything more than your electronic devices.

You’ve probably already read about how to get e-books on your device here and here.

But did you know that you can also get digital magazines for your portable electronic devices through the library with Zinio?

Signing up for Zinio is a simple.

1. On the Zinio homepage, click the Create Account link.


2. Enter your Library card number and click Next.

3. Fill out the registration form and click Create Account.

4. Now you can start browsing magazines by clicking on Browse Magazines.

5. When you find a magazine you'd like to check out, click on Checkout Now.

6. You can click on Keep Browsing to select more magazine or Start Reading to go to the list of your checked out magazines.

7. If you have just signed up for an account, clicking on Start Reading will start the process of creating an account with Zinio. To save yourself confusion, you might want to use the same login information for Zinio account as you did in the third step. Fill out the form and click Register.

You can also use this Zinio account to use Zinio's commercial site.

8. You can now click on Your Library to start reading your magazines in your browser.

9. To read your Zinio magazines on your portable device, download the Zinio app and log in to your Zinio account. The app will automatically import the magazines on your reading list. You can delete magazines off of your device to save space, but these deleted magazines will still be available in Your Reading List and can be redownloaded to your device if needed.

 If you'd like additional help with E-book or E-magazines, you can get some one-on-one assistance the last Wednesday of each month from June to November at 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Main Library's computer lab.

Have safe travels this Summer and remember to pack some great digital reading materials from the Oakland Public Library!


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