Hot Summer Street (Lit)

Moll Flanders book coverStreet Literature, a sub genre of Urban Fiction, found its beginnings with stories which were serialized in newspapers. The works of Daniel DefoeCharles Dickens and Jacob Riis are early examples of the genre.  Although many of today's stories are released by major publishing houses, contemporary Street Lit authors continue to post their stories piecemeal through websites and blogs. In case you're new to the genre, Street Lit often features inner-city and lower income characters who take extraordinary risks and become involved violent and illegal activity in a struggle to improve their circumstances or just to stay afloat.  Lest you think all Street Lit stories are uplifting tales of struggle and redemption, know that some characters make it, but many don't.  The best authors mix crime, action, and steamy situations that keep you rooting for the protagonist, even as they make terrible, life-altering decisions.  Like in a horror film, you're yelling at your favorite character "don't open that door!" or "don't go down that dark road!"
The winners for the Street Lit Book Award Medal (SLBAM) have been announced for 2012 titles. If you're a K'wan Foye fan, you'll be pleased.  He was honored in the categories of Adult Fiction and Emerging Classic for his newest release, Animal, which follows Animal (a character from his best-selling Hood Rat series) from Puerto Rico to Harlem, as he seeks to avenge the attempted murder of his lady love.  K'wan also won for Author of the year.  
Animal book coverFlip Side book coverNew Jim Crow book cover
Other winners include:
ADULT NON FICTION WINNER: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander (reprint 2012)
YOUNG ADULT FICTION WINNER: On the Flip Side: A Fab Life Novel, Nikki Carter 
Is there a Street Lit title that you couldn't but down?  My guilty pleasure is Kikki Swinson, share yours in the comments.
Posted on: June 21, 2013, by Jenera Burton, Piedmont Ave  branch