Origami Wall at the Main Library

Children at libraries throughout Oakland have been busily folding pieces of paper.  Why, you may wonder?  Well, National Library Week is coming and, as part of the celebration, on April 13th the Main Library's Children’s Room staff will be mounting an origami installation on the outside of the library’s Oak Street entrance. The colorful installation, using more than a thousand origami pieces of varying shapes and sizes, will be attached to the wall so that all can see that Oakland’s kids love to “READ.”  The installation was inspired by the street art posted on the Asian Museum in San Francisco this past August.  The group Upside Up used 550 origami butterflies to write the word “fly” on one of the museum’s exterior walls.  Our installation will remain up for a week.  Come on down and check it out along with some great books.

Here are some pictures of the Wall in waiting.

Preparing the Wall        Origami Installation Waiting to be Hung         


So cool!

So cool!

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