Exploring with MOCHA!!

MOCHA is coming to 8 different locations for a weekly art program in the library!!! That is 8 different chances for you to explore both art and a different Branch Library.

MOCHA in the Library

Starting this week MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Artis going to be coming to Oakland Libraries to share art with children. Your family will not want to miss this exceptional program that Oakland and MOCHA have been offering together for over 5 years. Children of all ages have the opportunity to create and engage their minds with music, math, and art. With MOCHA happening in the Library in 8 different locations on 3 different days of the week, you will have plenty of chances to make art with us. Bring your children to this program!!!


While looking at the flyer for MOCHA in the Library  I realized that this program was also the perfect opportunity for people to explore a new Oakland Library. Oakland has 18 different Libraries to enjoy and 17 of those Libraries have children’s areas where you can come and read books, attend storytimes, and possibly enjoy a craft. If you take the time to experience MOCHA in a different location every week or even once a month you will have an opportunity to see many of the wonders of the Oakland Library System. You will experience the two newest Libraries build by Oakland the Chavez Branch and the 81st Ave Branch. If you go to the Eastmont Branch you will experience our Library with the highest ceilings. Going to MOCHA at either the Martin Luther King Branch or the West Oakland Branch will give you a chance to meet some of Oakland's new and liveliest Librarians Kate and Celia. Oakland has several Carnegie Libraries and MOCHA will be happening at two of these Golden Gate done in the Colonial Revival Style and my personal favorite Melrose which is was designed in the Classical Revival Style. Melrose was designed by W. H. Weeks who designed 22 Carnegie Libraries in California and several buildings in Oakland. If you go to Melrose you will be in a Library where the People of Oakland have been getting creative for almost 100 years.


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