Meet Ana-Elba Pavon!

Have you met Elmhurst Library's new branch manager?

Ana-Elba PavonToday let's head over to 88th Avenue and meet Ana-Elba Pavon, now Branch Manager of the Elmhurst library.  

Ana, What brought you to the Elmhurst library?

I was assigned to work at the Elmhurst Library when I first became an on-call Children’s Librarian here.  I went to visit the library a few days before my first assignment, and like many people visiting this library for the first time, I went right by it because it blends in so well with the houses in the neighborhood!

Give us an example of what a day at work looks like for you.

I often prepare for the day’s activities before we open.  During our open hours, I may do a storytime, visit a school, have a meeting, and, of course, help people find things in the library.  At Elmhurst we are small enough that we can give everyone personal attention.  I am happy to serve people of all ages and backgrounds in English and Spanish.

What is your favorite thing about the Elmhurst library?

The people who use our library on a regular basis are so warm and friendly!  We are small, so we do get to know people who come to the library.  People are very appreciative when we help them whether it is finding the right book for a child, helping someone find a job or home on the computer, making copies, or finding the latest DVD.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Oakland?

My favorite place to visit in Oakland has to be the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena.  I’ve seen all sorts of musical acts such as Madonna and Janet Jackson at the Oracle Arena and was privileged to see the Reverend Billy Graham at the Oakland Coliseum.

What’s your favorite book?

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I was an English major at the University of California at Berkeley and took a course on the 20th Century Novel.  We didn’t get a chance to read or discuss it in class so the professor decided it would be the focus of one of the questions on the final.  That added pressure made me think I would hate it but I read it in 3 days and I loved it!

Ana-Elba Pavon

What’s your favorite food?

Pasta and seafood are my favorite meal.

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen in a library?

Buki the Clown!  I love her neon-colored outfits.  The last time she came to Elmhurst, she had a plastic flower decal on her nose and wore a bright baby blue tutu.  She also puts on a hilarious show.  She’s scheduled to come back to Elmhurst on Wednesday, July 10 at 1 p.m.  I’m sure she’ll be at other locations this summer as well!

Thanks for sharing Ana!

Anytime. I hope everyone stops in for a visit. 


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