Summer's Over?

Updates on library activities following the conclusion of the Summer Reading Program and Free Summer Lunch at the library

Our Summer Reading Program is officially over, and so are our free summer lunches, but you can still:

  1. Get free lunch this week at many non-library locations in Oakland, including most Oakland Parks & Recreation Centers. For a location near you, call the Alameda County Community Food Bank "Get Food Today" Hotline at (800) 870-3663. The hotline provides information to all kinds of free food service for everyone, year round. 
  2. Pick up your Summer Reading Program prize at any Oakland Public Library, if you haven't yet, for any hours completed by August 10 (if you didn't get them logged online, just ask library staff for help).    We do start to run low on prizes by the end of the month, but we want you to get yours!  Grand Prizes will be drawn later this week. 
  3. Come this Saturday, August 17th, to OUSD's 10,000 Book Giveaway, at many of your libraries. 81st Ave., Brookfield, Elmhurst, Martin Luther King Jr., Melrose, Piedmont Ave., West Oakland, and the Main Library will host OUSD's book giveaway from 11am to 3pm.   Just show up!

What was your favorite activity at the library this summer? Should we do it again?

Kids at the library

Families enjoying The Bubble Lady at the Eastmont Library this summer


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