Tra-La-Laaa! It's Banned Books Week

The book your child chooses for his or her self may not seem the most instructive--but it is a crucial part of their reading success.

Captain UnderpantsIf you don't know the reference in the title of this blog post, then you haven't read the most frequently challenged book of 2012, Captain Underpants

It is Banned Books Week, and you will find many resources online, inside your library or at your bookstore to learn more about celebrating the freedom to read.  But I wanted to use the week as an excuse to think in general about kids making their own reading choices.

It can be intimidating to lead your child through a roadmap to reading, especially with the changes happening in our schools with the Common Core Standards.  But before children can succeed in reading, they need to love it, and be engaged by it.   And being allowed to read materials that they've chosen themselves directly impacts their engagement. 

Your children's services librarian takes pride in helping you and your child find books to suit a variety of interests and needs. Come in and let us help you find something to suit your child's tastes, to accompany their assigned reading for school, and family reading choices.  Captain Underpants is not for every kid, but it is for many.  It is funny, it is visual, it is a little subversive, and friends are talking about it.  All of these are legitimate reasons to read.  This may not be the book that directly helps your child to the next reading level, or that teaches them about something you are trying to help them with.  But it is very likely a book that will help them feel part of a reading community, and that will make them want to come back to the library again with you.  If you haven't yet: check it out



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