Great Movies for Earth Day (Stream Free with Library Card)

by Ashley Bonifacio, Teen Services Youth Development Librarian

Does the shelter in place order have you feeling somewhat isolated from the rest of the world?

Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd. Celebrate the earth and increase your awareness on environmental issues by checking out these movies. These films are available to check out online through Kanopy and Hoopla.

Since you are unable to check out these movies from our locations, we have increased maximum checkouts on these platforms so you can enjoy our virtual libraries. You can check out 10 titles on Hoopla and 5 titles on Kanopy (per month)!

Whether you’re looking for a film that will transport you to some of the planet’s most beautiful places, an intimate encounter with nature’s majestic wildlife, or you want to learn more about the environmental issues at hand, this list has a little bit of everything.


Earth: A New Wild (2015)
Not Rated, 288 min (5 videos)
Fans of Planet Earth and Life will enjoy this five part PBS series, which documents the beauty of the planet’s wildest places and offers a visually stunning look its wildlife and people.

Learning to See : The World of Insects (2016)
Not Rated, 70 min
If bugs are your thing, journey into the forests of South America to discover some of the world’s most exotic insects.

If a Tree Falls (2011)
Not Rated, 1h 25min
This Oscar nominated documentary profiles the Earth’s Liberation Front, a radical environmental group whose extreme efforts led the FBI to label them the ‘number one domestic terrorist threat’.

2009, 1h 12min
Corporate power has strong stakes in most industries including farming and agriculture. This documentary discusses the issue of industrialized farming, the influence it has on what we buy and how we eat, and profiles the farmers trying to combat this with sustainable, organic practices.


More Than Honey (2012)
Not Rated, 1h 35min
Where did all the honeybees go? This documentary explores the extinction of honeybees and the effect their endangerment has on the environment and our economy. 

After the Spill (2015)
Not Rated, 1h 2min
After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Lousiana coastline, the Gulf of Mexico suffered another ecological blow when BP’s Deep Horizon Oil Rig spilled more than 200 million gallons of oil into the water—permanently affecting 16,000 miles of coastal wildlife. This film follows the aftermath, five years after the spill.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006) & An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)
PG, 1h 36 min & 1hr 38min
This academy award winning film and its sequel focuses on Al Gore’s convincing campaign against global warming and the call for immediate action to curb humanity’s destructive impact on the planet.


Blue Gold : World Water Wars (2008)
Not Rated, 1hr 30min
This film investigates the environmental implications caused by the privatization and commoditization of water and the strain on the planet’s supply.

Blackfish (2013)
PG-13, 1hr 23min
This Sundance nominated documentary explores the dichotomy of nature and the human world by examining the issue of raising orca whales in captivity for entertainment purposes. 

Crude: The Real Price of Oil (2009)
Not Rated, 1h 45min
Details the $27 billion legal case that 30,000 Ecuadorians brought against the Chevron Corporation in efforts to seek damages to their ancestral homeland.