New Books by Latinx Authors

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with these new books by Latinx authors.

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month! Check out these new books by Latinx authors to read throughout the month and beyond.


It is wood it is stone You Had Me at Hola

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Early Learning - SING

This month we feature early learning tips for preschoolers. Children ages 0-5 are learning everyday about the world around them. This four part series will focus on developing pre-reading skills that prepare kids for school.

In my recent reading of Land of Cranes by local author Aida Salazar,  I came across a passage where a mother wants to teach children in a detention center. Someone commented  but they have no pen or paper!  Never mind that. They have their voices. They would learn through song just as the enslaved learned about a path to freedom by Follow[ing] the Drinking Gourd. 

Singing helps children hear the sounds that make up words.  

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How to Make Sure Your Vote Counts

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Publish Your Own E-Books for Free

Bilblioboard and the Black Caucus of ALA 2020 Self-Publishing Award: Create your own eBook, share with libraries, and possibly even win a prize. A post written by 81st Avenue branch manager, Brian G.

If you’ve ever written a memoir, a novel, a collection of poems, short stories, or anything else that could be considered a book, you may have wondered how you can share it with your community.

With Biblioboard, local authors can share their work electronically with their communities through their library. Biblioboard allows you to create your work, share it, and discover works by local, independent authors. You can also win awards and honors, such as inclusion in the Independent Author Project's Select Collection or a self-publishing award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.


With BiblioBoard’s

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in September 2020

September is a busy month for fiction! Here are some great fiction titles arriving this month.

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Seed Saving Books and Tips

OPL has books to help you get started saving seeds.

Did you plant a garden last spring? Throughout the COVID-19 crisis many people decided to grow their own food for the first time. Others have been growing their own vegetables for years. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned one, you may be interested in making seed saving part of your gardening routine. Seed saving is a way to keep the food supply in the hands of the people rather than large companies and it's also a way to help you save money. Oakland Public Library has books to get you started.

Seed Saving

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Early Learning - TALK

This month we feature early learning tips for preschoolers. Children ages 0-5 are learning everyday about the world around them. This 4 part series will focus on developing pre-reading skills that prepare kids for school. Conversations with your baby/ toddler support language development.

All children, no matter how young, listen to people talk. It is how they learn new words and begin to understand the world around them.


  • Talk with your child as you go about your day: making food, walking around the neighborhood, getting ready for bed, any time. 
  • You can add to their vocabulary when you respond to what your child says. If your toddler says “truck,” you can say, “We saw a big green truck today.” 

  • You can respond to babbling or even silence.

  • Use new words. If your child says “banana,” you can say, “Do you want a banana? That’s very healthy food.” 

  • Talk in the language most comfortable for you. Babies’ growing brains can easily learn more than one language.  

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AAMLO Online: September 2020

While the African American Museum & Library at Oakland’s galleries remain closed due to the pandemic, virtual exhibits and online resources bring history home.

During this time of virtual museum offerings, the African American Museum & Library at Oakland (AAMLO) has been working on new initiatives to connect, share and engage. Each month, AAMLO will share upcoming online events and original exhibitions that highlight the art, history and culture of African Americans in Northern California. Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date. 


September 2020 Program Calendar


Join us in September 2020 for self-guided virtual tours of the long-term and changing exhibitions installed in the Museum.  

View at your leisure | Online

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RBDigital is now OverDrive!

RBDigital and OverDrive have merged; RBDigital audiobooks will now be available on OverDrive.

OverDrive has acquired the RBdigital platform. RBdigital content will move to OverDrive, and the RBDigital platform will eventually go away. You should see updates about this in the RBDigital app. 

Digital magazines will still be available via RBdigital for now. 

You can yes, export your wishlist and reading history by logging in to your account, and going to My Account -- Profiles; there is an option to export transactions there. 

Current checkouts will be available through the remainder of the item's lending period in the RBdigital app. Current checkouts will not be moved to OverDrive but you should be able to finish your title without losing your place in the book. 

Holds will not be moved to OverDrive. You can export your Transaction History from the RBdigital

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New Social Justice Books

Books exploring themes of social justice released during 2020.

Now that many Oakland Public Library branches are offering sidewalk pick-up, you can once again place print books on hold. We have many new social justice books that were released in 2020, many during the past few months, that you may have missed during our closure. Highlighted below are some of these new books.

If you'd like help finding more books on social justice, or any other topics, our Book Me Service can help. Just fill out the form and we'll create a list tailored to your reading interests.

       Say it Louder

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