Do It Yourself (with a little help from the Library)

Read-CREATE-Explore with DIY resources at the Library!

Summer is in full swing, and so are summer projects. You may be using your well-deserved time off for gardening, home repair, mending what's broken, or generally beautifying your surroundings. In honor of our summer reading theme this year - Read-Create-Explore - we're highlighting some of our DIY resources. 

Does your project require special equipment? No need to run off and buy a bunch of expensive tools. Just visit our Tool Lending Library at the Temescal Branch and check out what you need. The TLL has over 5,000 tools, plus books and instructional DVDs. 

One of the many items offered at Tool Lending Library is a bike repair kit - or use our tools at one of our drop-in repair clinics! You can fix minor repairs or scraper your bike on Fridays 2-4:30pm at 81st Ave and Saturdays 1-3 at The Shed at the Martin Luther King, Jr Branch. 

We're always getting new books on gardening, outdoor projects, remodeling, and many other DIY endeavors! Whatever your project, we are always on hand to help you find the perfect resource. Call, stop by, or use our Book Me! online reference service, and get creative!

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zinn and the art of road bike maintenancelearn to timber frame100 weekend projects

homebrewer's gardenpure soapmakingbig book of hacks

What have you created this summer?