Don't Throw It Out!

Learn how to mend clothing items by hand using creative embroidery stitches.

Can you guess one of the largest pollutants in the environment?  Clothing!  That's right, clothing and textile industries are the second largest polluters in the world. The vast majority of fabric and textiles can be recycled. The Mending Collective - Leeza Doreian, Liz Harvey, Danielle Wright--will show you how to mend your items by hand using embroidery stitches. Don't get rid of your old, ripped jeans. Even those socks with holes can have a second life with some cool stitches. And you don't have to be a sewing maven!  No sewing machines are used during these community mending circles. Both new and experienced menders will learn how to use simple embroidery stitches in eye-catching but practical ways. Participants will also enjoy stories of ancestors' sewing practices. The Mending Collective invites YOU to share the history of your item to be mended.




 So if you're interested in:

  • Recycling clothing and textiles to save money and designing your own one-of-a-kind  pieces                    
  • Learning a valuable hand-sewing technique that you can pass on to others
  • Becoming a part of a community interested in creating a more sustainable planet                                        

 Join the Mending Collective Circle -- The Mending Collective meets on Thursdays from 6:00pm - 8pm on June 6, July 11, September 5 and November 7 at the Main Branch Library, located at 125 - 14th Street


This is amazing! I have been

This is amazing! I have been looking for ways to fix my jeans and I found it here at the library! I look forward to attending!!

Yes, it will be fun fixing

Yes, it will be fun fixing old jeans or transforming them into something new. So glad you can make it! We'll see you Thursday, June 6 at 6pm.

Greetings! I am so excited to

Greetings! I am so excited to attend this program. I haven't embroidered anything before. I was wondering if we need to sign up beforehand or should we arrive at the designated time?

This is so awesome! I've been

This is so awesome! I've been looking for programs like this and behold; the Oakland Public Library has delivered yet again! learning on YouTube is great but not the same as in person. Can i bring some of my items from home to work with, or will we use whats on site?

looking forward to being in the space next class, Thank you for making this knowledge available!


Hi Cilla! You can bring in

Hi Cilla!

You can bring in your items from home, we will also have materials ready for you.

See you there!

Warm and welcoming

Warm and welcoming instructors attract a great community. Good tech advice from knowledgeable teachers. Good advice from attendees, looking forward to next session.

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