Harvesting Gardening Tips from the Oakland Public Library

The Oakland Public Library offers resources on all types of gardening projects, from container gardening to urban farming.

Since no one knows yet how long we’ll be sheltering in place, we might as well make the most of our time at home. For many of us, that means spending more time in our gardens, planting new flowers, shrubs, and vegetables for spring. For many more of you who don’t have gardens, you now have the time to start one of your own. 

The Oakland Public Library offers all the practical tips you need to plan, start, and nurture your garden whether it be a a row of pots on an apartment balcony or a large urban farm. Gardening has many benefits. It’s environmentally restorative, economical, physically stimulating, meditative, and creative. 

The library offers a variety of e-books on every aspect of gardening. Here are a few to get you started:

A Beginner’s Guide to City Gardening: sustainable and organic gardening in limited space

The Culinary Herbal: growing and preserving 97 flavorful herbs

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual: Essential Gardening Know-how for Keeping (Not Killing!) More Than 160 Indoor Plants

Easy Growing Container Gardens

Golden Gate gardening: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal California

The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting: an easy, organic way to deter pests, prevent disease, improve flavor, and increase yields in your vegetable garden 

Indoor Kitchen Gardening: Turn Your Home Into a Year-round Vegetable Garden: Microgreens, Sprouts, Herbs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Peppers & More 

Start a Community Food Garden: the essential handbook

The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Garden : 326 fast, easy, affordable ways to transform your yard one project at a time

Planting the Dry Shade Garden: The Best Plants for the Toughest Spot in Your Garden

Can’t find just the right book? Use the Oakland Public Library’s Book Me! service. Tell us what you’d like to read and a librarian will send you a personalized list of books. If you don't have an Oakland Public Library card, sign up for one today.

For more gardening resources such as tips, seeds, plants, supplies, check out:

Alameda County Master Gardeners Program/ Growing Your Own Food

Richmond Grows/Courses and Seed Library

The Plant Exchange

While many businesses are closed, fortunately, local garden and hardwares stores remain open to assist everyone wanting to kick-start their botanical projects. When you visit these stores, we encourage you to pay attention to posted safety and operational guidelines. Let's spread seeds not the coronavirus!