Live Music (and more) Online

Because we can’t go to our favorite live-music venues right now, OPL’s Arts & Culture team has compiled a list of resources for finding live-streaming, pre-recorded, and archived musical performances online. Enjoy!

We miss live music! Sure, we love the wide variety of recorded music available online from OPL, via HOOPLA, and there are some great concert films available in Kanopy (see below), but there’s nothing like live music. In good times and challenging ones, we look to music for its celebratory, social, and healing powers, and that’s especially true of live performanceEven though we can’t go out to see a band or hear a symphony right now, many artists and organizations are making their music (plus interviews and other music related content) available for free, through a variety of online platforms. The members of the Arts & Culture Team here at OPL have gathered together a number of these websites for your listening, viewing, and dancing enjoyment. We have included some live streaming, some recorded performances, and some archival recordings in the mix. Please note that many of the following websites contain links to performances on a number of different social platforms. Some sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, may require registration.  

Enjoy the shows! 

(Submitted by Erin Sanders on behalf of Steve Bartenhagen.)

Popular (R&B, Country, Rock, Broadway, etc.) Music Links  


Jazz Links 


Classical, Opera, & Early Music Links 



Not necessarily live music (although some of it is), these online archives contain some amazing recordings. 

An online archive of recordings from the early days of the technology. Includes the collections of The Boston Public Library, KUSF, and many other organizations dedicated to music preservation. 

Explore folk music from around the world. This site is based on the work of ethnomusicologist, Alan Lomax and anthropologist Conrad Arensberg, as well as countless musicians who lent their voices to this amazing project. 

Fans of the singer/songwriter/filmmaker will enjoy this massive archive of his music. Fans of web design will appreciate this highly creative site. Check in regularly to catch one of his Fireside Sessions concert films, or browse through a virtual filing cabinet full of recordings. 



Stream these concert films via OPL’s subscription to Kanopy. Click on each title to go the film’s page in OPL’s online catalog. There you can read a synopsis of the film and follow another link to sign in to Kanopy.