From the Main Library

Introducing the Main Library blog

Still from The Desk Set
Welcome to the Oakland Public Library’s newest blog, “From the Main Library.”  Reference librarians will be blogging in this space about the Main Library’s resources, programs, and collections.  We’ll also be sharing tips on research so you can get the most out of what your library has to offer.  (It’ll be all “The Desk Set” meets “Party Girl” with a little “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” thrown in for fun.)

Statistics show that in public libraries the number of reference questions asked by our patrons have declined since the dawn of the internet -- though many days we wonder where this statistic comes from.   Our reference librarians have observed, though, that the questions you ask us are getting harder.  Once you’ve Googled the living daylights out of your difficult questions you come to us for our mad research skills and expert assistance. We know our electronic resources and we know our old-school print.  Your reference librarian knows that it’s not all on the internet.  Reference sign

The Oakland Public Library has been providing reference service since 1895.  One hundred and eighteen
years!  In 1911 we added telephone reference to our services and 91 years later, in 2002, we began EANSWERS to provide you with reference help by email.  We hope to be here 118 years from now.  After all, why do people become reference librarians?  Because we love the process and materials of research and because we’re committed to connecting you with the best quality information out there.