OpenOakland Tools for Oakland Residents

OpenOakland offers a variety of open access tools for accessing local government information. Check out the following tools for details!

OpenOakland, a civic innovation organization that is part of the Code for America Brigade program, brings together coders, designers, journalists, community members, and city staff to collaborate on solutions to improve how local government serves Oakland residents. They've developed the following tools: 

  • Oakland Answers- is a site developed by OpenOakland and 70 community members that is question-driven site that provides friendly, concise, easy-to-understand responses to your city-related questions, as though they're coming from your neighbor,
  • Adopt a Drain - a website developed by OpenOakland for the Oakland Public Works Agency that empowers smartphone and computer users to receive updates and reminders through adopting one of the city's more than 10,000 storm drains on their local streets,
  • EarlyOakland- is a tool developed by OpenOakland that allows parents to find free or low cost services for their children in Oakland,
  • OaklandBeats - is a site developed by OpenOakland to help residents participate in Oakland's biggest civic network by connecting them to their local Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council,
  • RecordTrac- is a system developed by Code for America Fellows that allows citizens to request public records and view past records inquiries.

If you’re interested in contributing to the development of tech based solutions that benefit the Oakland community, please Meetup with the group on Tuesdays 6:30–9 p.m. in City Hall. General planning meetup on 1st Tuesdays, and hack/work meetups are held on 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tuesdays. All are welcome!