Step by Step Instructions for OverDrive eBooks: Android Tablets and Smartphones

Get detailed instructions on downloading an eBook from OverDrive to your Android Smartphone or tablet!

Oakland Public Library offers a variety of eBooks and eAudioBooks. You can download digital content any time, to a computer, or a variety of devices. I'll post detailed instructions for various collections, using different devices, over the next few days. Although the steps might seem a bit daunting, once you get your first title, the rest are easy! And remember that e-materials NEVER accrue fines. 

Today, we'll look at downloading eBooks to an Android tablet or a Nexus smartphone - bascially any Android device that can download apps from the Google Play store. First, you'll need to download the free OverDrive app at the Google Play Store. Please search for and download "OverDrive Media Console."

To checkout EPUB eBooks, you will need to create a free Adobe ID account. The library uses this to manage licenses of our digital books in OverDrive and another collection called Enki. It's entirely free - you just need an email address to set this up. Please follow the instructions in the app to complete this step. 

To check out Kindle ebooks, you'll need to download the Kindle app at the Google Play Store. Please search for and download the Kindle app. 

Now you're ready to use the OverDrive Media Console to download materials. 

Add a Favorite Library

  1. Tap on the Home Menu  in the top left corner.
  2. Tap 
  3. Search or browse for "Oakland Public Library." You can search by name or zip code; try 94612 for example. 
  4. Tap on "Oakland ePort" and touch the star to save it as a favorite library system.

Download your eBook

  1. Tap the Home Menu  in the top left corner, then tap on "Oakland ePort".
    (or, if you're already viewing your Bookshelf, tap "Add a Book")
  2. Tap to search for a title, keyword, or author.
  3. Tap on the cover of the book you wish to download.
  4. Scroll down and tap "Borrow."
  5. Sign in with your Library Card Number and PIN.
  6. Tap on "Download" and select a format (EPUB, Kindle)
  7. Press “confirm” and “download.”

Now you're ready to start reading! If you downloaded an EPUB book, you will be asked to enter your Adobe ID and password, then you will see the book appear in your Overdrive app. If you download a Kindle book, you will find your book in your Kindle app.