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The Oakland Radio Communication Association (ORCA) Field Day 2017 is happening this weekend.

Every year since 1933, on the fourth weekend of June, amateur radio operators in the United States and Canada gather for their annual Field Day. Amateur radio operators -- ham radio enthusiasts -- aren't just hobbyists. Their equipment and skills make up an important part of disaster planning in many communities, including ours. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) holds its annual field day to promote interest in amateur radio and, more importantly, to practice operating over a full 24 hours as its members would do during a real disaster. 

The AALR site lists 1607 Field Day events this weekend, including a bunch of them in the Bay Area. Oakland's event, put on by the Oakland Radio Communication Association will be at Sequoia Arena, 10013 Skyline Blvd, across from Chabot Space and Science Center from 11 a.m. Saturday to 11 a.m. Sunday. AC Transit will be bringing one of its hydrogen fuel cell buses to the event to serve as a reserve power source.

Ham operators turn up in partnership with emergency response personnel at Oakland's big events, like last week's Warriors' Victory Parade, the Oakland Marathon, and January's Women's March. 

How can the library help you learn more? Search the catalog using the phrase "amateur radio stations" to find books like The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications and magazines like QST, and choose the "articles" tab instead of the default "catalog" tab to search databases that will help you find articles and other online content.


Intererested in learning more? Make your way out to Sequoia Arena tomorrow. The Field Day is open to the public and visitors are welcome.


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