Women Bike Book Club: Podcast Edition

Bike month is just around the corner! Get ready with some good podcasts.

The Women Bike Book Club (co-presented by Bike East Bay) meets at 6 pm on the first Thursday of the month over at the Golden Gate Branch Library. We gather to discuss biking, feminism, and the intersection of the two.

We’ve previously posted a couple lists of our favorites - all of the books we read in our first year, and some books for kids who bike.

We’ve got another list for you - podcasts! Here are a few of the ones we’ve been interested in:


Taped in Chicago, Joyride features all kinds of women on bikes! Interviews include Monica Garrison (founder of Black Girls Do Bike), bike touring musician Jasmine Reese II, publisher/author/advocate Elly Blue and author Emily June Street.

Women Who Dare

Kerry Gross records her podcast as she cycles across the country. Hear about her travels and the amazing women she meets along the way.

Oakland Bikes! 

A hometown favorite. Self-described “kind hipster” Katie Styer features bike news and folks from Oakland and around the bay. She focuses frequently on intersectionality and cycling.  

We Got to Hang Out 

Friends and cyclists from Portland hang out! Their goal is casual and authentic storytelling.

Special mention, because we’re a sucker for folks who cite sources:

Episode 2 of Unladylike is titled How to Ride a Bike. It covers cycling and catcalling and comes with a list of sources cited and another list of further resources. 

And if you’re still hungry for more, you might try:

The Bike Town Podcast, The Sprocket Podcast, The Path Less Pedaled, Bike Nerds, Outspoken Cyclist, Roam RydesKBOO Bike Show Podcast, Family Pedals, or The Pedalshift Project.

We’re meeting on Thursday, May 3rd at 6 pm to talk about these and more! Would you like to join the discussion? Everyone is welcome to attend. Or, you can always just share your own favorites in the comments.