DIY Gifts at the Library!

Make your gifts at the library for free!

Want to surprise your loved ones with unique gifts without grabbing your wallet? Looking for opportunities to get crafty after reading about recommended crafting books in our collections? Don't care too much about gifting or the holidays but still want to have free fun while expressing yourself? From card-making to making jewelry, we've got you covered! Our programs are free and supplies are provided.

Events are for all ages unless otherwise indicated.




Monday Arts & Crafts - Brookfield Branch, 4pm


Afterschool Art // Arte Despues de EscuelaCésar E. Chávez Branch, 2pm (kids & teens)
Chávez Teen Arts & Crafts // Manualidades y Arte para JóvenesCésar E. Chávez Branch, 2pm (teens) 
Afternoon Crafts & Activities - Eastmont Branch, 3pm


All Knit - Lakeview Branch, 3:30pm (8+)


Tight Knitters at Chavez / El Grupo de Tejer César E. Chávez Branch, 2pm (teen & adults)
Off the Hook - Melrose Branch, 3pm (12/1 & 12/15)


Arts & Crafts Programs in December

Saturday 12/1

DIY Cardmaking: Iris Folding - Piedmont Ave. Branch, 1pm
Make LED Ornaments - Rockridge Branch, 2:30pm (12+)

Monday 12/3

Cursive Club - Eastmont Branch, 3pm (7+)
Adult Crafternoon - Eastmont Branch, 4pm (adults)

Wednesday 12/5

Candy Balls - Rockridge Branch, 2pm
Paper Star-Making in the Children's Room - Main Library, 2pm (kids)
Make a Snowglobe - Main Library, 3pm
Art Explorers - Elmhurst Branch, 3:30pm
Make Your Own Lipbalm - Montclair Branch, 3:30pm (teens)

Friday 12/7

Make Your Own Jewelry - Main Library, 2:30pm (teens)

Saturday 12/8

Get Crafty with Surprise Candy Gifts! - Asian Branch, 2:30pm (teens)

Monday 12/10

Make Your Own Lipbalm - Brookfield Branch, 3:30pm (teens)

Tuesday 12/11

Origami Club - Dimond Branch, 3:30pm (4+)
Family Craft Night - Rockridge Branch, 6:30

Wednesday 12/12

Felt Butterflies - Main Library, 2pm
Make Your Own Lip Balm - Rockridge Branch, 2pm (teens)

Thursday 12/13

Make Your Own Jewelry - Eastmont Branch, 3:30pm (teens)
Make Your Own Lip Balm - Piedmont Ave. Branch, 3:30pm (teens)

Friday 12/14

Pop-Up Teen Zone! - Brookfield Branch, 4:30pm (teens)
Make Your Own Lipbalm - Dimond Branch, 4:00pm (teens)

Saturday 12/15

Ace Monster Toys: Electronic Holiday Cards - Golden Gate Branch, 12pm
Knitting Meet-Up - Rockridge Branch, 3pm (adults)

Tuesday 12/18

Arts and Crafts for Adults // Manualidades y Arte Para Adultos - César E. Chávez Branch, 6pm

Wednesday 12/19

Make a Snow Globe - Montclair Branch, 2:30pm
Make a Snow Globe - Temescal Branch, 3pm
Make Your Own Lipbalm - Golden Gate Branch, 3:30pm (teens)

Thursday 12/20

Make a Snow Globe!Martin Luther King Jr. Branch, 3pm

Friday 12/21

Make a Snow Globe! - Elmhurst Branch, 3pm
Make Your Own Lip Balm - 81st Ave. Branch, 3:30pm (teens)

Saturday 12/22

Creative Crafts for Adults - Dimond Branch, 2pm
Cookie Decorating - Elmhurst Branch, 2pm

Wednesday 12/26

Craft & Game Day - West Oakland Branch, 2:30pm (teens)

Saturday 12/29

Make a Snowglobe! - Piedmont Ave. Branch, 3pm
What's Cooking Good Looking - Asian Branch, 2:30pm (teens) 

Have fun! Let us know what crafts you'd love to see at your library in the comments.

Check out the rest of our events and programs here. For book-lovers, you can find gift ideas here.


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